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First off: Holy crap, I haven't updated my journal for over a year.

Second, thank you everyone for liking my first Death Battle! With :icondimension-dino: s permission, here's the next upcoming battle!
The Saint of New Marais Vs The Feral Green Beast of Brazil
Blanka Vs Cole by PLCTheCd
The next battle after, which of these duel wielding babes will win? Agent Tanya Adams of Red Alert or "Two-Hands" Revy of Black Lagoon?
Tanya Vs Revy by PLCTheCd
Wiz:  Alright, the combatants are set, it’s time to end this debate once and for all.


Somewhere in rooftop on a skyscraper at night, two figures glared upon one another. One figure was a large African-American man with cornrow-like hair. He has the typical appearance of a brute, donning a blue torn muscle shirt, and boxing trunks of the same blue hue. The man wears blood red boxing gloves and on his wrists are white wrist wrap. Finally, on his feet are boxing boots black as the night sky.

The second person is another African-American, although slightly shorter and older than his counterpart. His clothes includes of the following, a blue workout shirt said “Combo Gym” with three stars on top of the text, blue shorts representing the American flag, blue boxing shoes going up to his ankle, and red fingerless Mixed Martial Arts gloves, with wrist wrap on his right bicep.  But despite what he’s wearing, the most noticeable thing about the man are his scarred arms.

After a few seconds of just standing around and staring, the larger man finally broke the silence.

I gotta admit, I’m surprised that you have the guts to show up alone.” He spoke with a smug grin. “Ultratech’s gonna pay me enough money to get me out of Shadaloo once I take you in!”

“Don’t you get it? Ultratech is playing you for a chump!” The other man protested, as if he’s trying to reason with him “Once Ultratech don’t need you anymore, they’ll toss you out like yesterday’s trash!”

“The only chump I see is you,” The first man laughed, “Come quietly and maybe I won’t be the crap outta you!”

“I don’t think so,” The second man refused, and putting up his fists. “You’ll have to fight me first.”

“I was actually hoping you would say ‘no’,” The larger man said, punching his fists together before putting up said fists. “The world will soon know the new champion, me… Balrog!”

The second man then finally grinned, in truth he too was hoping to beat the sense out of him.

“TJ Combo’s the name, and thanks for the intro.” The older man said, still posing. “But you got what it takes to take on this champ?”


The two fighters dashed towards one another, fists raised to strike. Balrog used his Dash Straight while TJ used Powerline. Both of the men’s fists interconnect to the other man’s fist. In real life, their punches would shatter their hands and be both painful, but instead, the force caused both boxers to stumble back.

Neither man backed down and both charged at each other again at high speeds. Balrog was just about the perfect distance to uppercut him with his Dash Upper but he then saw his opponent jumping towards him that he has never seen doing…

TJ Combo is using his lower limb to attack, called a Flying Knee, which appropriately enough, struck Balrog in the chin and stunning him from both the attack itself and the fact that he’s actually using his foot to attack. After Combo landed on the ground, he continued his assault towards Balrog.

Balrog recovered in time and blocked from the relentless pummeling from TJ, with the occasional bob and weave. The pinned fighter felt the impact of the attacks that did came into contact and felt the attacks hitting him on his whole torso, but it’s nothing that he can’t handle. Despite of this, he knew that he couldn’t keep up with his opponent’s attacks, and need to start using his head…


TJ held his fist back at a 45 degree angle to deliver a hook. But that split-second pause was enough for a…

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Balrog grabbed TJ’s head and headbutts him relentlessly. Over and over, Combo’s cranium felt like it’s going to crack like a nut and need to get out of this predicament. TJ fought off his disorientation, and decided that if his opponent’s going to fight dirty, so will he.

The Shadaloo enforcer pulled his head back to ram him one more time, before he felt an excruciating pain coming from his nether regions. Balrog immediately keeled over in agony while letting out a high-pitched, shriek. He barely glimpsed at dazed TJ and concluded that his target kneed him in the groin.

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

While both combatants came to their senses senses, Balrog roared at him:


“Hey, if you’re going to fight dirty, so will I.” Combo retorted, before launching himself in the air.

Balrog didn’t have time to recover from his pain and can only watch as he saw his opponent’s fist in flames before coming in contact to his face. He can smell his cheek being burned and his molars loosening, and after the impact, his head got knocked back. Finally, he felt the wind getting knocked out of his as his torso was being used like a punching bag, causing him to keel over again.

TJ continuously jabs Balrog mercilessly while the latter barely able to keep his composure. Then, Combo paused but not out of mercy, but rather to give a coup-de-grace. The older champ swung his fist like a propeller, spinning faster and faster with every passing second. In the meantime, Balrog regained his composure and turned up to look at TJ, only to see him delivering his Winding Uppercut.

The uppercut came into contact to his chin, launching him about ten feet in the air, before crash-landing onto the concrete floor. The impact left a silhouette shaped crater on the ground and it was a miracle that both Balrog still being alive and the roof not collapsing.


The Elephant killer saw TJ jumped back a few meters away and stretched his arm to do his Powerline attack again. His punch jettisoned towards Balrog like a bullet, hoping to knock him out in one blow. But this time, he’s ready.

Balrog turned his back and fist away from Combo before thrusting out his Turn Punch. By the time TJ found out what was going on, it was too late, and he felt his jaw almost being shattered by his opponent’s fist. He flew like a pinball struck by the lever and slid across before hitting his back on the roof’s curb.  

TJ was lucky he didn’t fell off the roof and rubbed his jaw, relieved that he can still eat solid food. The curb broke his slide, but felt the painful bruise coming from within. He then saw the lumbering behemoth charging at him again like a bull, Combo got up to his feet, and returned the favor by charging as well. Only this time, when the two were at a punching distance, TJ rolled away and sucker punched Balrog in the stomach with his Rolling Thunder.

Balrog nearly lost his dinner from the blow and blocked a cross from his opponent, he decided not to hold back any further, and charged at him again with his Dash Upper. Only this time, he was successful as Combo was sent flying almost as high as Balrog did previously before crash landing with the same results as his predecessor.  He sadistically grinned as he charged at TJ, not giving him a chance to recover.

Combo was in a sea of pain as he lied on the floor writhing and groaning away but then heard running footsteps towards him, knowing that it spells trouble, he rolled away just in time from being trampled. The rush of adrenaline gave him a boost to ignore the pain he was in as he got up to his feet. TJ rushed at him back and delivered another Flying Knee towards Balrog, only for him to dodge in time.

“There’s no escape!” Balrog bellowed, before TJ can do anything, and he unleased the Crazy Buffalo: A powerful jab with his right, another equally powerful jab his left, a cross with his right, and a left hook that caused Combo’s body to stagger in the opposite direction. He then finishes off with another Turn Punch to Combo, collapsing him in the ground with a thud.


Combo was in all fours, he felt like he was hit by speeding cars in a highway rather than getting punched. One of his ribs felt like it cracked and his nose was dripping blood like a leaking faucet. But defeat is not on his mind as he did his best to fight off the pain.

He saw his opponent’s feet walking towards him closer and closer before he felt his hair being pulled…hard…TJ can feel his hair yanked out by the scalp finally leaving out a grunt of pain. Combo then saw the dumb grin on Balrog’s face, he saw that one of his teeth was missing, he would laugh too, if wasn’t in pain.

“I’m almost impressed old man,” He chuckled sadistically, “But let me rephrase the word: ‘almost’ your time is over…”

“I’m not done yet, you punk.” Combo replied defiantly, and proved it by spitting at his face.

“I was gonna turn you in alive, but you made me do this!” Balrog roared as he pulled his Gigaton Blow when he pulled his body and fist to his right and Turn Punched  viciously, then he gave another Turn Punch just as savage as before.

TJ collapsed to the ground, this time the pain was too unbearable and couldn’t help but screamed. If his previous attack felt like a speeding car hit him, this time it was a speeding train.

“Finally, I was waiting for you to scream!” Balrog laughed sadistically before unleashing his Dirty Bull attack.

He picked TJ up again and headbutts him hard, before stomping on his foot with a loud CRUNCH, and finishing off with a brutal cross punch.


Combo crashes down on the floor, too weak to get up, and saw everything becoming darker. His eyelids getting heavier as Balrog’s sadistic laughter fading away, he’s too weak to move, let alone fight ever again. That’s it, there’s nothing left but to fade away in a whimper…


He won’t accept defeat, TJ went too far to turn back now, and there’s no chance in hell that he will lose to Ultratech’s new lapdog. TJ then felt rejuvenating sensation all over his body. As if his most severe injuiries are healing up and all of his pain is going away, and in fact, he felt better than ever!

As Balrog was about to leave the battle until he heard a voice, a voice he thought he finished off.

“Is that the best you can do?”

He turned his head and saw TJ standing still, almost as he was before as he gave a “Come at me” gesture.

Most fighters would be furious or shocked at their opponent’s tenacity, but for Balrog, it was more time to torture him, as he sadistically smiled.

“Good, I was hoping it would last longer!” And then he charged at him like a speeding bull.

But this time, when Balrog went close to him, TJ slammed his fist on the ground, unleashing a shockwave that knocked Balrog out of his ass.

Before Balrog discovered what the hell was going on, Combo went and gave him the reason why he’s called “Combo” In a speed of a bullet, TJ punches his face like a speed bag, followed by a cross to face, knocking more his teeth out. Finishing off a hook that sends him stumbling backward. Combo ran up to him and sends him a series of knee strikes in the stomach and the solar plexis, causing Balrog to cough up blood.

Balrog needed to get out of this fast, and hoping to do so soon as Combo paused to give another cross. He then pulled out his back and fist away from him, hoping to give TJ another surprise Gigaton Blow…


But Combo caught wind of this and slaps him away like a pimp.


His Spinning Backhand knocked Balrog to the ground, hitting the floor with a crash.

But TJ was not finished, he’s got a bone to pick with him, as the scars on his arms glowed blue energy. The said energy surging him with enough adrenaline to finish him off….for good.

Balrog didn’t have enough time to get up as TJ grabbed him by the legs and powerbombs him by slamming his body on the ground, he then mercilessly gave a barrage of punches so fast, it looked like he has multiple fists. The fists are flying so fast that Balrog couldn’t block or dodge any of them, let alone fight back. The final punch, sent him flying in the air, destroying his jaw in the process.

Similar to a certain 80s anime:

Combo won’t even let Balrog land as he leaped in the air and struck him with his Upwards Knee. Gravity allowed TJ to land on his feet but he won’t allow his opponent to do the same as he was launched high in the air with a Winding Uppercut. All what the dumb muscle can do was scream.

TJ finally let him land, by which grabbing him by the legs in mid-air, and slamming his body like a sledgehammer. The impact left a cloud of dust but still he wasn’t finished. He grabbed him again and delivered a powerful hook the face, then a cross to the face, and finally a series of jabs to the face with the final punch breaking his nose. Balrog’s blood stained TJ’s fists so Ultratech’s wanted boxer then knees him continuously, causing Balrog to stumble back but only for TJ to roll towards him and uppercuts him in the chest again, crushing his ribcage into fragments. Combo continues off with several vicious hooks to Balrog, more blood and teeth flying in the process. At this point, his face resembles that of raw hamburger meat that not even his own mother would notice.

He finally finishes him off with a Winding Uppercut followed by the Tremor just before Balrog can land. Combo leaps to the air before delievering a final punch in the face, landing them both to the rooftop’s curb, shattering Balrog’s back as he hit the cement.


TJ saw Balrog barely alive, and grabbed him by the hair like he did to him previously. Balrog can only give out a pathetic yelp. Combo can only sneered at his unrecognizable face.

He then held his head by the temples tightly before jerking it out with a loud…


Balrog’s limp body fell out of the roof and disappearing into the smoggy streets below with an equally loud…


TJ Combo was exhausted and injured but before walking to the nearest emergency room, he punched several times in the air, and yelling out a victorious “YEAH!”




Boomstick: TKOWNED!

Wiz: Indeed, while Balrog’s combos were savage and brutal, when TJ entered Instinct Mode, it was all over.

Boomstick: Plus, TJ fought werewolves, skeleton pirates, aliens made of ice, and mutant made of magma just to name of few. Need I mentioned that he killed Riptor?

Wiz: While it’s true there are mystical opponents in the Street Fighter universe, TJ’s not afraid to fight dirty as well and also familiar with…well… combos. He’s not called “Combo” for nothing, it’s like “Boomstick” isn’t called “Boomstick” for nothing!

Boomstick: Yep, it was a close match, but Balrog was a rope-a-dope to take on TJ!

Wiz: The winner is TJ Combo.

TJ Combo

+ Younger and Bigger
+ Aggressive
+ Stronger
+ His Super and Ultra moves are devastating
+ Fights Dirty…
- That can last so long
- Slower
- Limited Moveset

TJ Combo…
+ Faster
+ Versatile Moveset
+ Not Above Fighting Dirty
+ Two Instinct Mode gave him the edge
+ Knows Combos (No pun intended) and intercept counterattacks
+ Fought various monsters, aliens, and a genetically engineered velociraptor
Death Battle: Balrog Vs. Combo The Fight
Finally, it's finished! THe battle of the two boxers with no rings, no referees. Just a duel to the death!

How is my first fight everyone? Constructive criticisms are always accepted.

Disclaimer: I don't owe nothing...
First off: Holy crap, I haven't updated my journal for over a year.

Second, thank you everyone for liking my first Death Battle! With :icondimension-dino: s permission, here's the next upcoming battle!
The Saint of New Marais Vs The Feral Green Beast of Brazil
Blanka Vs Cole by PLCTheCd
The next battle after, which of these duel wielding babes will win? Agent Tanya Adams of Red Alert or "Two-Hands" Revy of Black Lagoon?
Tanya Vs Revy by PLCTheCd


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