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Name: Deadpool
From: Deadpool

(In a fake Russian Accent) "Deadpool Reporting"
"Really? I'm in an RTS?"

"Hey, watch where you're clicking!"
"What you need?"
"Who do you want me to Un-Alive?"
"Alright, alright player!"

"Let's get Chimichanga's after this!"
"Why am I busting my ass on this map, while you're simply on yours with the computer screen screen?"
"Oh boy, let's hope there's a fight!"

"Slice and Dice!"
"I'm just gonna give you a close shave!"

"Bang! Bang-bang-bang!"
"I've got a bullet with your name on it!"
"I love me some guns!"

Activating Special Ability:

Teleporting: (Using his teleporter belt, Deadpool can travel anywhere across the map as long as the player explored the area previously. The more he uses, the teleporter will malfunction and explodes, taking damage.)

(Singing) "This was a triumph, I'm making a note here...huge success"
"Is making a Portal reference outdated?"
"Now you see me..."
(When teleporting near the enemy) "Now you're dead!"
(When teleport belt malfunctions) "OW! Quit spamming the teleport button, ya jerkass!"

Grenade: (THrows a fragmentation grenade, causing splash damage around the explosion)

"Hope ya like pineapple!"
"Got a surprise for ya!"
"Got plenty more where that came from!"
"Don't get blown up over this!"

Fourth Wall Crisis: (Deadpool jumps down the command options and picks the buttons while tossing them at enemy units like a discus, he then finishes off by grabbing his health bar, and swinging them like a club before putting them back.)

"Let me borrow this player!"
"Feel the love of the Hyper Combo!"
"Great to know my attack from MvC3 is back!"
"And it's a home run!"

Near Death:
"Select me outta here you a-hole!"
"I may have a healing factor but this **** still hurts!"
"If I can drag you into the game, I will use you as a human shield!"

Repeatedly Selected:
"Really? I'm already breaking the fourth wall as it is!"
"You're still clicking me?!"
"Alright fine!"
"I hate you..."
"I am so gonna crash the game afterwards!"

Name: Soundwave
From: Transformers G1

"Soundwave prepared for battle."
"Soundwave: Activated. Operation: Command and Conquer."

"Soundwave at your command."
"Orders required."
"Relay orders."

"As you command."

(Concussion Blaster)
"Operation: Annihilation."
"Eliminating opposition."
"Targeting enemy weak points."
"Destroying resistance."
"No talk. All shock."
"Die, microbes!"

Activating Special Ability:

Eject! (Soundwave packs several Mini-Cassettes in his chest compartment that he can eject to help him in battle)

(Ejecting Ravage) "Ravage, eject! Operation: Terrorize!"
(Ejecting Laserbeak) "Laserbeak, eject! Operation: Air Support!"
(Ejecting Rumble) "Rumble, eject! Operation: Shock and Awe!"
(Ejecting Frenzy) "Frenzy, eject! Operation: Piledrive!"
(Ejecting Ratbat) "Ratbat, eject! Operation: Death from Above!"
(Ejecting all at once) "Eject, eject, eject, eject, EJECT!"

Transform (Soundwave can transform himself into a cassette player, hiding himself in small places and allowing him to track enemy movements)

(Transforming into cassette player) "Establishing reconnaissance post."
(Transforming back) "Resuming movement."
(Either) "Transforming."
(Detecting enemies) "Danger, enemy attack imminent! Prepare for counter-attack!"

Near Death:
"My memory circuits are nearly erased."
"Damage: Critical. Mission: Retreat."

Repeatedly Selected:
"Indecisive, unlike Lord Megatron."
"Cease clicking, or be terminated."
"Soundwave superior..."
"... Player inferior."

Name: Peter Griffin
From: Family Guy

"Ready to kick some ass!"

"What do you need pal?"
"Will I get some beer after this?"
"Who do you need to beat the crap out of?"

"You got it!"
"Okay, okay! Geez, you're like Lois!"
"Butt scratcher!"

"You're toast! Warm buttery toast!"
"I'm gonna imagine you as Meg!"
"This will be no sweat."
"I fought the Giant Chicken before, I'm sure as hell will beat you!

Activating Special Ability:

Back Flame: (Peter pulls down his pants with a lighter next to his butt, and rips out a fart. The ass flamethrower can clear out buildings and does bonus damage against lightly armored units)

"Got a surprise for you!"
"Good thing I ate that extra can of beans!"

Ipecac: (Peter downs a bottle of Ipecac and begins vomiting, poisoning nearby enemies at the cost of his health. Cannot activate when low on health"


Cutaway: (Peter announced "Just like" or "This is like the time" while a cutaway appears on screen. Sais cutaway appears at random where player have time to escape, sneak in an extra attack, or damaging the enemy, depending on the cutaway)

"This is like the time when..."
"You're going down like..."
"This is just as bad as..."

Near Death
"Ah crap..."
"Ahhh!" (Hisses)
"Ahhh!" (Hisses)

Repeatedly Selected:
(Singing) "B-b-bird bird bird! Bird is a word!"
"What? Are you just gonna click on me all the time?"
(Farts) "That's what I think of you"
"Click me again, and I will release a full Conway Twitty clip!"
"Alright, you asked for it! Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty!"

Name: Might Guy
From: Naruto

"Konaha's Sublime Green Beast of Prey is Here!"

"Orders commander?"
"Always eager to help!"
"Noticing my handsome manly features?"

"Ready to show the enemy the power of Youth!"
"Time to beat Kakashi at his own game!"
"Work hard, train hard, and fight hard!"
"Overflowing Youth!"

(Always begins this move when attacking) "DYNAMIC ENTRY!"
"You won't get away!"
"For Konaha!"
"I will beat yo this time Kakashi!"

Activating Special Ability:

Leaf Hurricane" (Sends in a barrage of high flying kicks with a chance of dazing the enemy)


Eight Gates (Once activated, Guy's attack and speed increase dramatically at the cost of depleting health. Sub-abilities unlock at the cost of increase depletion. Cannot activate at low health)


Front Lotus: ( Guy kicks an enemy unit in the air and jumps in the air behind them before grabbing them tight. He then finishes off with a spinning piledriver, greatly damages the target unit while doing splash damage to other nearby units.


Reverse Lotus: (Guy kicks the enemy unit in the air, and jumps in the air, but only this time, he follows the enemy unit around as he strikes them repeatedly like a pinball. He then finishes the enemy off with a final punch, plummeting the enemy to the ground like a meteor, doing greater splash damage.)


Morning Peacock: (Most powerful of Guy's abilities but drains health the quickest. Guy kicks the enemy unit in the air then jumps into the air in a distinctive stance and begins punching the enemy repeatedly. The punches are so fast, they are set ablaze by sheer speed and friction which in turn creates a peacock-like fan of flames around the opponent. Once the attack is finished, the enemy will be sent crashing back to the ground, covered with the attack's aura.)


Near Death:
My life for Konaha!
Lee...forgive me...
I can't die! this...

Repeatedly Selected:
"Do you know what I like to drink after a strenuous workout?"
"Your attack bore us, they're slow as a tortoise!"
Ningame (Guy's tortoise summon he rarely uses): (From a distance) "HEY!"
"Whoops, sorry!"

Name: Commander Peepers
From: Wander Over Yonder

"Commander Peepers reporting for battle, SIR!"
"Lord Hater's most trusted Watchdog, at your service!"

"I hope you have a plan!"
"I knew you wouldn't forget about me!"

"These little legs fear no distance!"
"Let's see what we can see!"
"Exploring new planets to conquer never gets old!"

(Ranged: Ray Gun)
"Eye fry!"
"Peep this!"
"Zap zap zap!"

(Melee: Space Kung Fu)
"Take this! And that!"
"Float like the Skullship, sting like a Zbornak!"
"Up close and personal!"

Activating Special Ability:

March of the Watchdogs: (Commander Peepers radios the Skullship to drop off a squad of eight watchdogs to help him in battle)

"Time for backup!"
"Watch out for the watchdogs!"
"Let's hope Hater sends the good ones..."
(Watchdogs when they arrive) "HATE'S GREAT, BEST VILLAIN!"

Nerd Rage!: (Commander Peepers rips off his shirt and flexes his muscles to double his attack, armor, and speed for twenty seconds; afterwards he becomes exhausted and moves at half speed)

"Enough strategy, time for hurt!"
"Nerds rule!"
"Time for an Eyebrawl! Get it? ... Oh, Hater would've laughed..."

Near Death:
"Now I know what my Watchdogs feel like... ouch!"

Repeatedly Selected:
"An eyeball's job is never easy."
"Peepers rules! Best Watchdog!"
"This planet looks like a good one to dominate!" *Off in the distance* Lord Hater: "Dominator?! Where?!"
"I've only got one eye, so stop clicking it!"
"How about you click on Wander instead, that furry weirdo will probably enjoy it!" *Off in the distance* Lord Hater: "Wander?! Where?!"

Name: Megatron
From: Transformers G1

"Unlike some of my other warriors, you've never failed me."

"State your business."
"This was almost too easy."

"Why throw away your life so recklessly?"
"Their defenses are broken. Let the slaughter begin!"

Fusion Cannon - ranged attack
"Such heroic nonsense!"
"Fall! FALL!"

Activating Special Ability:
Transform - Transforms into a pistol and falls into the hands of a nearby ally who then takes a few shots with it. Useful for holding off small groups of enemies until the appropriate defenses are in place.
"Die, [enemy type]!" *transforming sound*

Near Death:
"Don't leave me..."
"Wait...I still function!"
"Nobody summons Megatron!"

Repeatedly Selected:
"You couldn't lead ants to a picnic."
"Why should I?! What's in it for me?"
"I belong to NOBODY!"

Name: Katz
From: Courage the Cowardly Dog

"Katz, reporting. Make that... Kommando Katz."

"About time."
"And here I was about to enjoy some tea. Pity."

"Very well."
"Not a bad spot."
"Checking it out, dear boy."

(Claw Swipes)
"Up close and personal is always a pleasure."
"Now you have to die. Sad, isn't it?"
"Time for a permanent cat nap. heh heh heh ha ha ha!"

Activating Special Ability:

A Sporting Chance: (Katz traps a target wounded enemy in a one-on-one exploding dodgeball duel stacked in his favor, neither him or his enemy can be targeted until the duel is over or twenty seconds have passed)

"A little sport before dying, dear boy?"
"Boom boom, heh heh heh ha ha ha!"
"Ball of Revenge!"

Kreepy Krawlies: (Katz unleashes three spiders from a box and sics them on his enemies)

"Time for dinner, loves."
"Do leave a little for later, hmm?"
"A gift from the motel, kourtesty of Katz."

Near Death:
"How about keeping me away from the brutes trying to kill me?"
"I wish I hadn't done that..."

Repeatedly Selected:
"I'm Tea-N-Tea. I'm dynamite. Heh heh."
"Stop bothering me, I'm scheming over here."
"If this game had a no dogs allowed sign, you wouldn't be here."
"In fact, after I kill the stupid dog, you're next."
*Katz's theme starts to play* "Just listen for that music, dear boy. It'll be the last thing you hear, heh heh heh ha ha ha!"

Name: Rigby
From: Regular Show

"Aw-right, who wants some of the Rig-bone!"

"It's about time you chose me!"
"Come on, come on come on, let's hurry this up! Zombie IT Guys III: The Teckoning starts in an hour!"

"WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA!!" (Hands in the air or around mouth while twirling)
(Exasperated sigh) "Why did you move me all the way out there!?!"
"Well, this beats whatever Benson wanted me to do."
"Let's just get this over with!"

"Too Easy!"
"Punchies! This time, I'm gonna win!"

Activating Special Ability:
Maximum Glove: Summon Hyperduck (Hyperduck fires random area of effect attacks at the enemy's position for eight seconds, the time and damage will reduce with repeated usage)

Death Kwon Do: Death Punchies (Rigby grows a mullet and gets jean shorts for twenty seconds of mayhem, one time use)

Rigboning: (Hamboning saved someone's life, who knew?)

Near Death:
"It hurts, everything hurts!"
"What is this flashing before my eyes? This isn't my life! It's DON'S!"

Repeatedly Selected:
"Okay, that's enough!"
"Dude, I said that is ENOUGH!"

Name: R.E.G.I.S MK-V
Show: Megas XLR
Theme when in play:…

"Nothing will remain of this planet but thunder and ashes"
"Regis is unstoppable"
"No quarter, no prisoners, no mercy"
"In a flash all organics will be whisked away into dust and tossed into the cosmos, I alone will remain."

"Wise decision, you will be destroyed last."
"Revel in the glow of the inflamed debris"
"Organics will submit to the power of REGIS"
"Foolish organic, REGIS will scorch and salt this planet."

"You are not safe!"
"This planet is one step closer to becoming a withered husk"
"Regis does not recognize your method on locomotion, instead will craft an alternative."

"You can run, but you will only die tired."
"Fall down to be destroyed."
"Take comfort and die."
"Is there anyone who will take a stand to overwhelming power of REGIS?!?"
"I will take audience to the heat leaving your flesh as you become cold and lifeless"

"Your strikes are sluggish and weak"
"Your efforts are in vain."

Activating Special Ability:

Infection (Infects every ally in a large radius and turning them into temporary Regis Units)
Assimilation (Merges with every inorganic enemy 75% health or lower within a large radius increasing in height and power decreasing in speed)
Immolation (Burns every enemy in a medium radius and scorching the Earth)

Near Death:
"Impossible. I, REGIS bested by an inferior being! This isn't acceptable!"

Repeatedly Selected:
"I am REGIS"
"I am unstoppable"
"I cannot be beaten!"
"Organics will submit to imminent decimation!"
"I am all powerful!"

Name: Foghorn Leghorn
Show: Looney Tunes

"Alright, out with it."
"Let's have it!"

"Now what, ah say, what's goin' on here?"
"Let me in on it."

*Hums Camptown Races*
(singing) "Some Sunday morning, la-la-da-da-dah..."

Attacking (both melee and setting booby traps):
"Now you ju - ah say, you just know I'm gonna do somethin' about this."
"This, ah say, this calls for massive retaliation!"

Activating special:

Practical jokes - Foghorn lures an enemy or two to a booby trap he set up to the point the trap goes off, or the enemy reaches its range limit and halts like a dog tethered in a yard - the latter forces Foghorn to take action.

If the trap goes off and injures/kills the enemy unit - "That boy's as sharp as a sack of wet mice."
If the enemy reaches a range limit and can't move any farther - "Aaaahhh...SHADDAP!"

Near Death:
"I'm cuttin' but you ain't bleedin'!"
"Pay attention, son, this is for your own good."

Repeatedly selected:
"Now cut that out, boy, or I'll spank ya where the feathers are thinnest."
"If you'd stop your arguin' and jawin', you'd see my side of it!"
"Nice boy, but he's got more nerve than a bum tooth."

Name: Ed
From: Ed, Edd, and Eddy

"My name is Ed, and I am read...y!"
"Let's sing a song...for battle!"

"Well, aren't you bossy? like my sister and Eddy!"
"Shwiggety Shwag what's in the bag?"
"Tell me what to do, giant arrow on the sky!"

"Buttered Toast!"
"Moving to that location, moving to that location!"
"Service is my middle toe"

"Earth is not your Salad Bar!"
(An occasional attack where he performs this attack, causing splash damage around nearby units) "Belly flop!"

Activating Special Ability:

Tossing Lunch: (In the episode where Ed ate his own Bed, Ed belches up his bed as a ranged attack, the bed itself spins like a buzzsaw doing area of effect damage on enemy units. Eventually, the bed will boomerang back to Ed's mouth before swallowing it up again.)


Just like in TV: (Ed grabs a nearby unit and preforms a Zangief style piledriver, doing critical damage)

"Ally OOP!"
"Skip To the Lou My Darling!"

Pebble In Shoe Mode: (Ed goes berserk and his attack, hp, and defense goes all the way up. However, Ed will be uncontrollable for 90 seconds and will attack both friend and foe. He will occasionally grab a nearby unit as a club and knocks enemy across the map, doing critical damage until the unit dies.)


Near Death:
(Pained laughter) "That hurts!"
" I am dead from the neck up! "

Repeatedly Selected:
"Poke! Poke! Poke!"
(Laughs) That tickles!
"You know what else I like besides gravy and buttered toast?"
"I had this dream once where I was in an anime and I was a talking teddy bear-mouse with a New York accent"

Name: Edd "Double D"
From: Ed, Edd, and Eddy

"Providing you with assistance!"

"How may I be of assistance?"
"Yes Commander?"
"REady for duty"

"At once!"
"Pant! Pant!"
"Oh, I hope the journey isn't too far and strenuous"
"Very well then!"


"Chance of"
"I think I will be the one taking damage instead."
"You want me to do WHAT?!"
(Rarely) "En-guarde you ruffian!"

(Canadian Squirt Gun)
"Target sighted"
"Forgive me, but I have no choice"
"If I must resort to barbarism then so be it!"

Special Abilities:

Canadian Gatling Gun:
(Double D pulls out a turkey baster gatling gun and begins cranking rapidly. The attack lasts about 10 seconds before running out of ammo. Attack speed is increased at the cost of accuracy)

"Feel the adrenaline baby!"
"I won't miss every shot this time!"
"Take this you brutes!"

NEwspaper Shooter
(Double D pulls out the gadget and fires a barrage of newspapers at the enemy for a long range attack as a mortar-style weapon. While longer ranged and more accurate than the Canadian Gatling Gun, Double D will be vulnerable at close range for a short period of time. Another option is to increase the shooter's rate of fire at the cost of malfunctioning and damaging friendly units)

"Read all about it! Or rather...weep all about it!"
"Headline, your very defeat!"
(Malfunctioning) Desperate calls for desperate measures!"

Baking Powder Vapor Barrier
(Double D throws a jawbreaker that explodes in a cloud of white power that covers the surrounding area. The result blinds the enemy units while giving Double D and the other units to escape)

"Time for some evasive action!"
"I never was a fighter anyway!"

Near Death:
"This is like dodgeball all over again...only worse!"
"I am in a dire need of assistance!"
"Not good! Not good!"

Repeatedly Selected:
"Ow! Stop! I bruise easily!"
"I never revealed what's under my hat for the whole show and it won't start here!"
"I shall put an opportunity in this community"
"According to my calculations, you're not exactly a bright fellow are you?"

Name: Eddy
From: Ed, Edd, n' Eddy

"Who's the man with the plan? Me, of course!"

"I'd select me too."
"What's the plan?"
"We scamming or what?"

"Let's go!"
"I'm moving!"
"I bet there's some pigeons over there!"
"Gang way!"

(Frying Pan)
"Take this, sucker!"
"A quarter a pop!"
"You haven't lived till you've tried my head omelet!"
"Here's a smash hit!"

Activating Special Ability:

Snowjob (Eddy can infiltrate the enemy base and steal resources from them and transfer them to you)

"That would look way better in my piggy bank!"
"These suckers won't know what hit 'em..."
"Alright, but I get half, okay?
"Time to crack open the Book of Scams!"

It's Professor Scam! (This ability can be toggled on and off: Eddy can enter a more combat-oriented mode by dressing himself up as Professor Scam, gaining the Ray of Riches ability to hit enemies from long range, but he can't use his other abilities while dressed up)

"The ray will make you pay!"
"Taste the Ray of Riches!"
"You'll be seeing nothing but stars, nickles, and pennies!"
"I'll crack you like a Melonhead!"

El Mongo Stink Bomb (Eddy can construct the ultimate weapon, the El Mongo Stink Bomb; construction takes a full minute and he is vulnerable while building it, but once completed, it can be guided into the enemy where it will go off in a massive explosion that deals damage in a large area and poisons any enemies who survive)

(Build Stink Bomb) "If only my Bro was here to see this!"
(Completes Stink Bomb) "Mwahahaha! Uh... let me grab a clothespin for my nose real quick..."
(Detonate Stink Bomb) "Boom goes the neighborhood!"
(Gets caught in the Stink Bomb Explosion) "I'm feelin' pretty ripe right now."

Near Death:
"I'm a minor, stop!"
"Nice pants Mr. Smarty Boots... Nice boots..."
"Oh my achin' head!"
"If I run away, I'll live to scam another day!"

Repeatedly Selected:
"I hate birds... and sitting around."
"Time is money! We ain't got all day!"
"All this poking is giving me Jonny flashbacks..."
"And you're even more annoying than him to top it off!"
"Looks like I got scammed into joining the wrong team!"
IF cartoon characters were an RTS unit
Sorry everyone,  this month is busy for me as well but instead of spending an entire month empty handed, I decided to post something that I carried over from my GameFAQS topics.
The topic was mixing cartoon characters with a favorite genre of video game that I play. Real Time Strategies.

The rule is simple, have a character act as if they are a hero unit like in Warcraft 3 or Starcraft by the following:

Name: (The character)
From: (From what show they are from)

(Whenever they are ready to battle)

(Self explanatory)

(When ordered to move)

(If a character has more than one type of attack, then describe it)

Activating Special Ability:
(Optional, if character has more than one, then put many abilities while describing what they do)

Near Death:
(Whenever the character is low health or taking heavy damage)

Repeatedly Selected:
(Character will get annoyed to breaking the fourth wall)

Remember, more quotes, the better!

Got a character you like, but don't know which to say? Simply put

Character name:
Unit abilities: (optional, but preferable)

The following listed is some of my favorites from the topic.
So far, I've angered Undyne and entered Hotlands.


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To anyone who read "Rejected" should it be a dream or not? 

4 deviants said Sorry, I haven't read it yet…
3 deviants said Yes, it should be a dream. Poor Twilight...:iconsadtwilightplz:
1 deviant said Whatever floats yer boat :icontwilightshrugplz:
No deviants said No, Let her get her revenge! :iconinsanetwilightplz:


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