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What should be USA's new national anthem? 

11 deviants said "America, Fuck Yeah" from Team America: World Police…
4 deviants said "God Bless The USA" By Lee Greenwood…
4 deviants said "Living In America" By James Brown…
1 deviant said "Born In The USA" By Bruce Springsteen…
1 deviant said Other (Please provide link)







Trixie Tang:
You call yourself popular? Your so last season
The twins should've left you to the Lilliputtians!
How appropriate that your ancestor shoveled crap for a living!
I'm surprised you didn't ask that demon to do your bidding!
I would ask you to join me, but I already got a pet
Her name's Veronica, and hope you're not too upset
Your dad uses a bell? That's appropriate for who you are!
But at least you're a good girl, by being quiet so far

You think your words hurt me? Aww, isn't that cute?
I was thinking of squishing you under my boot!
Think I'm sad, I'm not with you? I'm actually glad!
Wonder what's Veronica doing with Tad and CHad?
You're not pretty, you're more painful than a root canal!
This Northwest, will out-best the so-called "Wonder Gal"
When you were alone with Timmy Turner, all you did was whine and gripe!
Buy yourself some development you shallow, vain one-dimensional stereotype!

Boys of Dimmsdale, Tell me I'm winning!
Boys: You're winning Trixie!
You're going to find out, not to mess with me!
That ghost in your manor said you're thicker than oak!
You will end up like your parents, completely broke!
What happened to your two followers by the way?
Did your parents stop paying them and left you betrayed?
Don't mess with me, I'm ending this with a bang!
You'll learn to enjoy this sour Tang

You used to like boy stuff, but what happened to you?
People now prefer Tootie, Missy, and Chloe, it's really true!
No amount of magic is going to wish away, Trixie!
People now think about that blue unicorn, missy!
I used to mock Mabel, but she taught me about sharing
You demand attention, but there's lessons about caring
Dipper write the journal down, about this girl's immaturity
Just like your appearance in the show, you shall into obscurity!




Trixie Tang Vs Pacifica Northwest
A rap battle written by me, between two popular girls. Trixie Tang from the Fairly Odd Parents facing off Pacifica Northwest from Gravity FAlls.

The Fairly Odd Parents belongs to Butch Hartman of Nickelodeon

Gravity FAlls belongs to Alex Hirsch of Disney
Wander (Verse One)
Why hello there, Jackie! How ya doin'?
Or I guess I should ask "How ya Akuin'"?
Get it?! Ain't that joke just a hoot!
Just like Awesome, I'm here to raise the roof!
So... *Pulls banjo out of hat*
Welcome to the party, it's a great big meet and greet
Make sure to take those dirty slippers off your tiny feet!
And then we'll dance around as I play my little tune
Let's keep this shindig going till the sun becomes the moon!
*Wander bows*

Jack: Excuse me, Wander, are you done?
Wander: That I am, Jackie! Wasn't my song a load of fun?!
Jack: It was fine, but... we are supposed to have a war of words on our hands.
Wander: Oh, rap battles are so explicit and cruel, let's just sing and dance!
Jack: I admire your outlook, but it seems you have wasted your chance.

Jack (Verse One)
You seem very confused, Wander, but I don't want to lose
So I will keep my sandals on and knock you out your shoes.
The way you smile in the face of evil is a positive
But you waste time playing while evil commits atrocity.
You watched Dominator eat through worlds like an alligator
But your only plan to stop her was a blind date with a lonely Hater.
It pains me to say this, but I am afraid it's very true
Sylvia would've been better off if she never met you.

Never... met... Sylvia?! How could you?!
I just wanna be nice but I'm down and blue...

Sylvia: Wander! What the heck are you doing?!
Wander: Oh nothing, I'm just busy losing...

Buckle down, buddy, I know you like to be nice
But you gotta roast Jack like some burnt fried rice!

*Wander narrows his eyes and dons his Boy Wander costume*

Wander (Verse Two)
Alright, let's go tough guy, I'm making no bones
I'm gonna beat you worse than I beat Dr. Screwball Jones!
All I need is good cheer and a banjo to make a difference
While your magic sword saves your hide from every hindrance!
I spread love and joy across the galaxy, what about you?
You keep failing to go back in time and stop that jerk Aku!
You try and do it by yourself while I've got a cool Zbornak
The only partner you can claim is a fat Scot with a hairy back!
I heard you can jump good but I'm going to make this clear:
You can only leave the ground while we leave the atmosphere!
So now Sylvia and I are way above you, leaving without a doubt
That just like you against the Guardian, you're bound to lose the bout!

Jack (Verse Two)
Impressive change of pace from before, I must admit
But even with Sylvia's help, I will force you to submit.
You claim I am reliant on my sword, but examine this fact:
You would have perished long ago if it was not for your hat.
A dancing shark, a horny skeleton, and a teen girl are your villains
I could take them out in one slice, but they are not worth killing.
And yes, I have not stopped Aku, so my quest is not yet done
I'll finish him on Adult Swim while kids catch you on reruns.




Wander Vs Samurai Jack
Craig McCraken's Wander over Yonder faces off Gennedy Tarakovsky's Samurai Jack. What will these two vagabonds chased by evil will do in a rap?

Another rap written by my friend!

Wander Over Yonder belongs to Disney

Samurai Jack belongs to Cartoon Network

Ranger SMith...


Officer Dribble!


Ranger Smith (Verse One)
Yogi was bad enough, but now I meet Officer Hound
Who'd be better off working at the precinct pound!
I'm a tough park ranger, I'll bring Jellystone Heat
Onto Officer Cripple as he limps down his filthy beat!
I spent years in the army, you're still stuck bottom rung
The captain only trusts you to sweep an alley clean of dung!
I've got a pair of bad bears, but I'll take off my hat
To the petty officer who can't take on a gang of cats!

Officer Dibble (Verse One)
Oh I see how it is, Smith, I'm the one who's petty
But your biggest worry is two basket thieves in Jelly!
TC and his wily gang are busy pulling off big time scams
Yogi and Boo-Boo have you sweating bullets over jam heist jams!
I've stopped robbers and thieves, to crime I'm no stranger
You love to frisk park goers while they yell ranger danger!
I'm a whopper of a copper serving diss dishes right and proper
You may have been a soldier but like TC I'm the topper!

Ranger Smith (Verse Two)
Cool it down, Dibble, you're treading through a bad place
I think I'll call in backup to leave some egg on your face!
*Ranger Smith grabs his radio*
Yogi, go get a hold of Boo-Boo, I have some great news!
There's plenty of baskets here for you to choose!

Officer Dibble (Verse Two)
So that's the unkempt park path we're walking down?
Alright, wiseguy, I have some friends I'm calling in from town!
*Officer Dibble dials his telephone*
TC, grab the gang and scramble down here quick!
A movie director's here for casting and you're his pick!

*Yogi, Boo-Boo, TC and his gang all arrive*

Yogi: Excuse me, sir, we are here for the pic-a-nic basket special, sir!
Smith: You can have all the baskets you want after you deal with this cur!

TC: We are present and accounted for, Officer Dribble, and ready for casting call!
Dibble: I'll call the station and haul you in if you can't outwit them all!

*Yogi and Boo-Boo stare down TC and his gang*

Yogi and Boo-Boo Bear
Yogi: Hey, Boo-Boo, what's purple, yellow, and smells like cheese?
Boo-Boo: Not a peanut butter and jam sandwich, it's TC the alleycat sleeze!
Yogi: I'm on the Ball and my Brain's ready to give you a Spook!
Boo-Boo: We'll let loose our Fancy rhymes that hit you like a Choo-Choo!
Yogi: Boo-Boo and I are equal partners, so we both see the real raw deal!
Boo-Boo: A group of dimwitted felines begging Top Cat for their next meal!
Yogi: If the Benny Hill bunch was smarter they'd kick TC out on his tooshie!
Boo-Boo: I guess it's true, Yogi, we're both smarter than the average p****!

Top Cat and the Gang
Top Cat
Well isn't this a quite a predicament we're in boys?
Go ahead and chew these bears up like a couple of cat toys!

Benny: TC, you wanna hear a joke that's kind of funny?
Brain: Duh, Yogi and Boo-Boo are a couple of dummies!
Choo-Choo: Gee, Brain, that's not really a good punchline...
Spook: Like, don't worry man, Fancy's got him this time!
Fancy-Fancy: Wait, I do? I was busy thinking about this hot dime-

Top Cat
Alright, boys, that's enough, I'll do it myself I suppose
I know I can handle two double-stuffed teddies ruled by their nose!
It's like the saying goes, Yogi, with the thorns on the rose
I look like a catch but this Tippity Top Cat stings with his prose!
Boo-Boo knows to stay well behaved around his betters
So let him teach you a lesson before gobbling a ham and cheddar!
I don't see a pair of partners, I see a pair of bare beggars
So obey the park signs before I send Animal control some letters!




Ranger Smith Vs Officer Dribble
My friend is going old-school with Hanna-Barbera's authority figures against meddling trouble makers. Ranger SMith from Yogi Bear facing off Officer Dribble from Top Cat

Both Yogi Bear and Top Cap belongs to Hanna-Barbera

The Kanker Sisters...


The Powerpuff Girls!


May, Marie, and Lee (Verse One)
May: *Snort* Lookie here, girls, it's some gussied up brats!
Marie: It's the superpowered losers: the Powdered Pup Girls!
Lee: The Calcified Kankers throw Powerpunks off the mat!
Kankers: Square dancin' with us, we'll take you for a whirl!
Lee: What's fun about Buttercup in the mud or Bubbles' bawlin'?
Marie: I think I've seen better action outta Fish Bowl two!
May: Better run home, girlfriends, your daddy's callin'!
Kankers: Cuz we just beat Professor till he was black and blue!

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (Verse One)
Bubbles: We won't let you lay a hand on the Professor, meanies!
Buttercup: I ain't scared of three twisted trailer park weenies!
Blossom: Twisted is right, these three are just obscene!
PPG: We'll knock you right back through your front door screen!
Blossom: I'm a real leader, Lee, you boss other people around!
Buttercup: You joshed on Eddy's shoes, Marie, but you're the real clown!
Bubbles: I make people smile, May, you make people miserable!
PPG: We'd screw up your faces, but they already look terrible!

May, Marie, and Lee (Verse Two)
Oh so you wanna start a beef with me, bow tie head?
I'll knock your lights out then tuck you in for bed!
You ain't gotta man but I gotta short sexy fellow
I spend my time ridin' Eddy while you ride on your pillow!

I'm a real rockstar, Sluttercup, you overcompensate
You're just angry with me cuz I can get a real date!
I've got my man Double D and liplock with his face
Your deadbrain puffbutt fell like a chump for Ace!

*Snort* You're not hardcore, Bubbles, I'm the one who's vicious
I'll clean your clock harder than I clean my dirty dishes!
I'll smash and dash Boomer, your boyfriend's a real hottie
Watch my threeway with him and Ed while you snuggle with Octi!

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (Verse Two)
I'm honest, heroic, and intelligent with the face of an angel
So let me inform you, Lee: you don't look good at any angle!
I'm five years old, I don't need a man but you're desperate
The leader of the Cul-De-Sac losers was the best you could get?

Even worse than desperate, Blossom, their love ain't true
You prey on the Eds because they won't pay attention to you!
You got no personality, Marie, and got a crocodile smile
I guess that's the horrible life of the boring middle child!

Oh girls, you know I hate having to say anything mean
But I'm about to get crazy and punch out May's oversized teeth!
You can have the Rowdyruff's, you'd be doing us a favor
These Park n' Flush cankers have nothing on Townsville's saviors!




The Kanker Sisters Vs the PPG
Another epic Rap battle written by my friend in GameFAQS! Cartoon Network's sister trio of the Powerpuff Girls facing off the Kankers of Ed, Edd, and Eddy!

PowerPuff Girls and Ed, Edd, and Eddy both belong to Cartoon Network

Cartoon Rap Battles of History!

Dipper and Mabel Pines


Phineas and Ferb!


Dipper: So, you think you still know what you're going to do today?
Mabel:You're going to be like Ferb, with nothing at all to say!
Both: The Pines Twins are here we're taking over your show!
Four seasons worth of summer, but it's all the same you know!
Dipper:You can betcha-betcha goo, which means you'll hate what we got
Mabel:Your show is like Call of Duty, formulaic and with a weak plot!
Dipper: You've been milking the show more than Octavia the Cow
Mabel: So, you got a pet platypus but you can't find him, how?

Phineas: Hey, Ferb! I know what we're going to do today!
To win the rap and then call it a day!
Ferb: Our show maybe predictable but your one summer took years!
Which got all of your fans bored to tears!
Phineas: We don't like to get mean, but with you two, it'll be an exception!
Mabel, pay attention and Dipper, your luck needs an extension
Because we don't need our inventions to banish to to the Second Dimension!
Ferb: But, I think our words are beyond your own comprehension.

Mabel: Oh not, we get it, it's predictable as always!
Telling me /to pay attention? How's Isabella anyway?
Dipper: Your inventions could've helped us, when we fought Bill Cipher!
But where did they all go? That's something we've desire!
Mabel: My pig Waddles, is a better pet, that's no ordinary!
Though we wanna know were he went, before you shout "Where's Perry?!"
Both: Unlike your roller coaster, you two won't go far!
Are we beating those two? Yes, yes we are!

Phineas: You've mentioned in your first verse on why Ferb is quiet
Ferb: It's because listening you two rap is quite the riot!
So you've battled with gnomes to fighting an albino, psycho kid
And the two of your try to find love, but you both failed it did
We had Marvel superheroes watching our backs.
While you helped your con artist of a grunkle in the Mystery Shack!
You're regretting on wondering if I have something to say.
Like our Star Wars crossover, your chance of winning is far, far away!

Mabel: (To Dipper) They're creaming us, what are we going to do?
Dipper: (To Mabel) It's time to call for help us win this through.

*Two figures walked in front of the Pines Twins and Phineas and Ferb*

Zack and Cody: Did somebody call us?

Dipper, Mabel, Phineas, Ferb: NO!

(Ferb pulls a switch and presses a button, the button releases a spring-trap under Zack and Cody's feet, and the two are sprung in the air as they are sent flying Team Rocket style with a *ding*)

Dipper: So, you've beaten us, we admit it, that's true...
Mabel:But you two haven't even finished this through...
Both: It's time to meet our Great Uncles!

(Both Stan and Ford appeared in front of their niece and nephew)

Stan and Ford: Plus two!

Stan: You think you are so clever with your raps?
Better scram or else we'll shut yer obtuse traps!
Ford: When it comes to the battle of rhymes we the real O.Gs
Just like your gadgets, your claims are the contradictory!
Stan: Your bars are lacking, now it's our time to attack!
Ford: We shall beat you with the backing of the Mystery Shack!
Your facial features are a bigger anomaly than my hands!
Stan: But guess which finger he'll show you, you shams!

Phineas: So you brought along help, well to us that's fine
Ferb: It's only adding more fuel to the fire you Pines.
Phineas:The thing is, your reconciliation will only end up in vain
When we unleash the true meaning of turning insane!
Ferb: Mabel, you got duped into turning in the rift to Bill
I'm quite surprised that Dipper never found out still.
Both: But you got plenty of time to make it up instead!
Ferb:At least our fans don't ship us together in bed...




The Pines Twins Vs Phineas and Ferb
Another rap battle from yours truly! Disney's sibling team face off each other between Dipper and Mabel Pines vs Phineas and Ferb Flynn-Fletcher!

Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb both belong to Disney
Because I posted several of them about cartoon characters rapping one another about two years ago, but post-college life has taken its toll on me.

But now, someone in GameFaqs had written some that I'd like and he has given permission to post his here. I also written some new raps recently and posting them first.

So prepare for a rap spam!


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What should be USA's new national anthem? 

11 deviants said "America, Fuck Yeah" from Team America: World Police…
4 deviants said "God Bless The USA" By Lee Greenwood…
4 deviants said "Living In America" By James Brown…
1 deviant said "Born In The USA" By Bruce Springsteen…
1 deviant said Other (Please provide link)


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