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Fuck The Network

Right about now, N.W.A is in full effect
Judge Pickles presiding
In the case of N.W.A vs. the Nick Executives
Prosecuting attorneys are MC Avatar, Yellow Cube and Invader motherfucking Z

Pickles: Order, order, order
Yellow Cube, take the motherfucking stand
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth
And nothing but the truth so help your sponge ass?

Yellow Cube:

Pickles: Well, won’t you tell everybody what the fuck you gotta say?

Yellow Cube:
Fuck The Network, coming straight from Bikini Bottom!
People think I’m their bitch, so that’s a problem
And not the other show, the network thinks
They have the dictation to cancel an animation
Fuck that shit, where kids follow me like religion
To have my face, on every television
To be animated on, and thrown on air
Even I get annoyed but they don’t care!
Fucking with me cause I work with Mr. Krabs
Well even he thinks they are greedy like crap!
Having my face, on every kid’s product
While every parent thinks I’m under some narcotic!
You’d rather see me go jellyfishing
Than me and Patrick seen each other kissing!
Beat an executive out of shape
And when I’m finished, bring the yellow tape!
To tape off the scene of the slaughter
Still living off burgers underwater
People think that I’m a fag or not
Don’t reach my Squarepants and grabbing my nuts
And on the other hand, without an order the censors can’t get none
They allow jokes about suicide but won’t let you mention a gun
Cause they’ll kick you out from the street top
Then replace you with a new show, even if it’s a complete flop!
Spongebob will swarm
On any motherfucker in a fancy uniform
Just because I’m on a kid’s TV
Punk executive are afraid of me
A fry cook on the warpath
And when I’m finished, it’s gonna be a bloodbath
By the end of the day
Yo Tommy, I got something to say!


Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!

Executive: We’re pulling your show off the air!
MC Avatar: Aww shit, why are we being canceled?
Executive: Because we feel like it!
Just sit your ass on the curb and shut the fuck up!
MC Avatar: Man, fuck this shit!
Executive: Alright you bitch, I’m taking your fake anime ass to jail!

MC Avatar:
Fuck the network and the Avatar said it with authority
Because a bi main character in a kid’s show’s a majority
The Avatar State is something that I beckon
And it’s the motherfucking weapon
Is kept inside of me, for the so-called ratings
Wishing they leave Asami whom I’m dating
Putting me online instead? Like I give a care
Bet they’re scared of a girl, so they’re out of my hair
And that shit don’t work, I just laugh
Because it gives them a hint not to step my path!
To the network, I’m saying “Fuck you all!”
Just to prove that they don’t have any balls
Pullin’ the PC BS, so you stand
With money in your pocket, and a ho in your hand
I won’t even use any bending, so you can see what’s up
And I’ll go at it punk, I’m gonna fuck you up!
Make ya think I’ will be too late
But when your back’s turned, and I’ll be in my Avatar State!
I’m a role model when it comes to female heroes
And the boy fans who hate me? All I see are zeroes
Firebend any motherfucker that sweats me
Or any asshole that threatens me
I’m the Avatar so you better deal with it.
I will take you all out, just like the Equalists!
None of the villains on my show are that bad
With potential to get bad as fuck
So I’m a turn it around
Get my bending yo, and they’re in luck
(Throws a boulder following by blasting a ball of fire, then a stream of pressurized water, and ending it with a gust of gale-force winds)

Yeah, that’s the end, but it all depends on what kind of element you will bend
Takin out the executives would make my day
With MC Avatar got something to say.

Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!

(A door is heard knocking)

Invader Z: What do you fucking earthlings want?
Executive: Zim! We’re from the network!
Invader Z: Shit!
Executive: We’re canceling your green ass! So get the fuck out!
Invader Z: But why? Why the fuck for?
Executive: Just shut the fuck up and get your motherfucking green ass moving!
Invader Z: But I didn’t do shit!
Executive: Man, just shut the fuck up!
Judge Pickles:
Invader Z, won’t you step up to the stand and tell the jury how you feel about this bullshit?

Invader Z:

I’m tired of the motherfucking jacking
Sweating out with Gir while chilling with my Pak and
Showing the pink slip to my face and for what?
Maybe it’s because I kick so much human butt
I kick ass or maybe cause I blast!
On a stupid-ass earthling when I bring in the hurting
Of a Voot Cruiser or a Maim Bot
Cause the network always say something stupid they got
They canceled my show with silence
Cause my identity by itself causes violence!
The Irken with the sociopathic behavior
Yeah, I’m violent, but still I got flavor!
Without a suit or money, or expensive hooch
A sucker earthling ready to extract his squeedlyspooch!
By me or another Invader!
And with a laser, it don’t matter if he’s a fake or a hater!
And as you all know, Z’s here to rule!
Whenever I’m cruising, keep looking in the mirror
And ears on cue yo, so I can hear a
Dumb motherfucker with a sheet
And if I’m riding on a Mecha-Doomer, his ass is gonna be beat
That I take out and then get away
While I’m flying off laughing, this is what I’ll say!

Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!

Pickles: The jury has found you guilty of being a retarded, stuck up, greedy, chickenshit motherfucker!
Executive: But wait, that’s a lie! That’s a goddamn lie!
Pickles: Get him out of here!
Executive: I want justice!
Pickles: Get him the fuck out of my face!
Executive: I WANT JUSTICE!
Pickles: OUT, RIGHT NOW!

Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!
Fuck the Network!
Fuck THe Network (NWA Parody)
I just realized that it's been ages since I wrote a parody song, so I decided to make a sequel to my ancient work of Straight Outta Nickelodeon which was a parody of Straight Outta Compton by the N.W.A and considering the NWA biopic is coming soon, I just came up with this rap!

Boxerart by PLCTheCd

Name: Mike Balrog
From: Street Fighter
Height: 6’6’’
Weight: 225 lbs


Background and Feats:
Killed an elephant with his punch
Former Champion Boxer
Teamed up with Birdie to find the Psycho Drive (But failed)
Broke a Billiards Table with one punch
Can hold to go toe-to-toe against Ken, Chun-Li, and Gen just to name a few
Top enforcer of Shadaloo
Computer Scientist (Non-canon)

Super Moves:

-Cheap tactic
-Grapple Move

Dash Straight
Dash Straight by PLCTheCd

-Dashes forward to a straight punch
-Can go across the screen depending which punch button is pressed.

Dash Upper
Dash Upper by PLCTheCd

-Dashes forward to his opponent with an uppercut
-Can be used as an Anti-Air attack.
-Can go across the screen like the Dash Straight

Turn Punch
Turnpunch by PLCTheCd

-Turns his back on his opponent (duh)
-Winds up for at least two seconds and charges with a powerful punch
-The longer he holds, the more powerful the punch.

Gigaton Blow
Balrog-gigaton by PLCTheCd

-Performs the Turn Punch twice,
-Followed by another turn punch capable of hitting the opponent multiple times
-Was the same attack that killed Dhalsim’s elephant

Crazy Buffalo
Balrog-crazybuffalo by PLCTheCd

-Delivers five savage punches
-What kind of punches depends on which button is pressed
-Last punch is always a Turn Punch

Dirty Bull

-Grabs his opponent and headbutts them, followed by stomping them in the foot, and finishing off with a hook to the face.
-High stun damage makes up for its low damage.
-Only time he uses his foot to attack

No kick attacks
Prefers head-on attacks
Short Tempered
Relies too heavily on cheating
Death Battle Cole Vs. Blanka Prelude by PLCTheCd

Boomstick: This fan fiction of Death Battle is written by-

(Hears a loud burst thorough the door)

Boomstick: The fuck?!

Young: Hey. Heard you're doing a Cole MacGrath match. Since I'm the guy that did the research for him, I'm the cohost of this match.

Wiz: You can't just barge in on our-

Young: You learn quickly things work differently here.

Boomstick: What? Fine, but we’re sticking in for Blanka!

Young: Alright, it’s a deal.

Wiz: Well Boomstick, wanna grab something to eat?

Boomstick: Do you even need to ask?

(Both Wiz and Boomstick are heard leaving the door)

Young: Now they’re gone, it’s a fight between two famous shockers of video game history. Cole MacGrath, the Patron Saint of New Marais

Master of The Boot: Vs Blanka, the Green Beast of the Amazon!

Young: I’m YoungSamurai and he’s Master of The Boot, and it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who will win…a Death Battle!


Cole MacGrath
Alias: The Electric Man, The Demon of Empire City, The Prime Conduit, etc.
Age: Early 20’s
Height: 6’0
Weight: 170lbs
Occupation: Pre-Blast, bike courier. Post-Blast, reluctant superhero

  • - Survived the collapse of the Junk Tower, the tallest structure in Empire City, almost completely unscathed
  • -Defeated Kessler, his much more powerful future self.
  • -Killed the Beast.
  • -Killed Bertrand, the Behemoth.
  • -Killed the Queen of the Vampires, Bloody Mary.

Master of the Boot: And since, the Good Karma Cole is canon. We will be using him against Blanka!

YoungSamurai: Besides, he defeated his evil counterpart in the last fight we did.

Master of the Boot: Speaking of the last fight, are we just going to repeat ourselves? I mean, we already did the bio.

YoungSamurai: Yeah, you’re right. We will show the readers a recording from it instead!

(He pulls out a remote and presses a button, and a video of Good Cole Vs. Evil Cole is shown)

YoungSamurai: Cole MacGrath was once a simple bike courier, until he got a job to deliver a package for one Kessler. While Cole was delivering the package, it detonated, causing widespread damage and destruction. But, somehow, Cole, who was at the center of the blast, survived.

Master of the Boot: Anyone not wearing forty five million SPF sunscreen was having a really bad day

YoungSamurai: Cole's body has undergone a severe power up, with him able to punch out a swamp monster with his bare hands.

Master of the Boot: Falcon Punch!

  • - Enhanced Strengh: Strong enough to punch swamp monsters into next week, at any rate
  • - Enhanced Stamina
  • - Enhanced Durability
  • - Enhanced Agility & Reflexes

  • - Free Runner: Before the Blast, Cole was a parkour and urban exploration enthusiast. Post-Blast, he puts this to good use against his enemies
  • - Experienced Brawler

YoungSamurai: Cole's main weapon is The Amp, an invention by his buddy Zeke after Cole's first encounter with the Beast. This weapon enhanced Cole's abilities in close combat, able to now knock foes to the ground.

Master of the Boot: He's like the white electric Mike Tyson.

Amp Improved by PLCTheCd

The Amp: An oversized electric baton that can knock out foes.

Master of the Boot: And zap the hell out of them.

YoungSamurai: Cole's electric attacks are nothing to sneeze at. His attacks come in variety, from the simple bolts, to grenades to even rockets, Cole has more abilities than we can mention.


Electrokinesis & Electromagnetism

  • Regular Bolt
  • Pincer Bolt- Three bolts fires simultaneously
  • Magnum Bolt- 3 times the damage, but is the slowest of the bolts
    Magnum bolt by PLCTheCd

  • Artillery Bolt- Long range bolt
  • Bolt Stream- Least damaging, but highest rate of fire.
    Infamous 2 bolt stream by PLCTheCd

  • Precision Bolt- Slows time and allows for a more accurate shot.

  • Alpha Grenade- Basic grenade
  • Sticky Grenade- Sticks to target before exploding
  • Cluster Grenade- Splits into a bunch of grenades before exploding
    Foto-0027 by PLCTheCd

  • Ice Grenade- Freezes target

  • Alpha Rocket: The standard type of rocket that Cole starts out with at the beginning of the game.
  • Redirect Rocket: After firing a rocket, Cole can redirect it mid-flight by hitting an enemy or object with a Bolt attack.
  • Sticky Rocket: A rocket that splits when approaching a target, breaking into homing charges that attach to nearby enemies.
  • Freeze Rocket: An enormously condensed ball of sub-zero gas that instantly freezes enemies on contact.

Master of the Boot: Like in Mortal Kombat!

Shao-Khan: Cole McGrath wins, Fatality

  • Alpha Blast: A strong kinetic shockwave that sends objects flying and knocks enemies off their feet.
    I2screenshotpulse by PLCTheCd

  • Detonation Blast: A swirling ball of caged kinetic energy that sticks to whatever it hits, eventually exploding with terrible force. If Cole jumps when close to it he'll harness the energy for a super jump.
  • Graviton Blast: A blast that temporarily lowers the gravity of anything it sends flying. Enemies are helpless as they hang in the air.
  • Shatter Blast: Cole throws out a handful of spikes, then blasts them at his enemies.
    Shatter Blast by PLCTheCd

YoungSamurai: Cole also comes equipped with more abilities than just his attacks. He can do a lot with these, though we won't go over every single one, as that would take all day.

Master of the Boot: Unless you're Alex Mercer, cross Cole and you're cruising for a bruising.

YoungSamurai: Dude, he already beat Alex.

*shows Cole destroying Alex with an Ionic Storm*

  • -Electric Drain: When injured or drained of battery cores, Cole can simply drain electricity from any available sources (cars, street lamps, generators, etc)
    ColeDrainIF2 by PLCTheCd

  • -Frost Shield: Uses an Ice barrier to stop attacks and replenish Cole's energy.
    Foto-0032 by PLCTheCd

  • -Arc Restraint: Cole can create bonds of electricity, sticking enemies’ or civilians’ wrists and ankles to the ground
    InFamous 1 Arc Restraint by PLCTheCd

Master of the Boot: Also useful for shaking things up in the bedroom, if you know what I mean . . .

YoungSamurai: *shakes his head*

  • -Thunder Drop: Cole can drain energy around him while in the air, and send a powerful shockwave when he lands on the ground
    TDropiF2 by PLCTheCd

  • -Induction Grind: Can slide along power lines and train tracks, and can even drain energy from them while doing so
    GrindIF2 by PLCTheCd

  • -Static Thrusters: Cole can, through the aid of static electricity, glide through the air for a limited period of time. He can also temporarily increase his movement speed by using it right after using Induction Grind at full speed. It can also be used as a double jump
    Infamous-2-20100817040314357 640w by PLCTheCd

  • -Bio-Leech: Can drain energy from enemies
    Cole Evil Bio Leech by PLCTheCd

  • -Pulse Heel: Heals civilians of any non-fatal injury
    Healing by PLCTheCd

  • -Radar Pulse: Emits a weak electric pulse that lets him sense nearby sources of electricity and Blast Shards, as well as distinguished friend from foe
    IF2 Radar Pulse by PLCTheCd

  • -Kinetic Pulse: Levitates heavy objects he can throw at will
    InFAMOUS 2 (31) by PLCTheCd

  • -Lightning Tether/Lightning Hook: Cole can create an electric tether that can pull himself to other objects. The weaker variant, the Hook, has Cole pulling a Scorpion and pulling his enemies to him.
    Gas Works tether by PLCTheCd

YoungSamurai: Cole's abilities don't just stop with regular electricity. He can also use Ionic abilities, starting with the Ionic Vortex, which is basically an energy tornado that sweeps all in it's path.

Master of the Boot: Let's see how you hold up to the power of Zeus, mothafucka!

YoungSamurai: But then there's Cole's deadliest attack, the Ionic Storm, a lightning bolt that can even damage the powerful and humongous Beast. Oh, man. What I wouldn't give for this one.

Master of the Boot: Okay we've left Zeus territory, now let's just have Cole beat on Odin and take over Asgard.

Ionic Powers:
  • -Ionic Storm: Summons powerful lightning strikes from the sky
    9993682 1299968163 by PLCTheCd

  • -Ionic Vortex: Cole focuses an Ionic charge in his hands and throws an electrically charged tornado
    Ionic Vortex 4 by PLCTheCd

  • -Ionic Freeze: Launches a wave of ice at his enemies
    Ionic Freeze 1 by PLCTheCd

YoungSamurai: He does have weaknesses. For starters, he can't step in water that's too deep, or stay in too long, as he could die.

Master of the Boot: So he has the same weakness as the wicked witch of the west.

YoungSamurai: He also can't hold a gun as it could explode in his hand, due to the gunpowder. And he can only use his Ionic powers a certain number of times.

Master of the Boot: No guns? What is this, the United Nations? I vote the next infamous game has Cole using Rambo sized guns and fighting the armies of the former Soviet Union.

YoungSamurai: He's not in the next one.

Master of the Boot: . . . oh my.

  • -Limited power source
  • -Can't stay in water.
  • -Can't sit in a car or hold a gun, as these could explode.
  • -Ionic abilities have a limit.

YoungSamurai: But he still kicks ass and retains his title as "The Prime Conduit".

(Cole: To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.)

Master of the Boot: Ahh, we were so young back then!

YoungSamurai: That was only last year!

Master of the Boot: And your point is?

(The door is heard opening)

Wiz: Alright, it looks like you’re finished. Now can we please continue without any interruption?

YoungSamurai: C’mon, at least we’re not like Deadpool.

Boomstick: Or my ex, so stick back, and hear how the real professionals do things!

Master of the Booth: Did you brought me anything?

Wiz and Boomstick: NO!

Real Name: James “Jimmy”
From: Street Fighter 2
Birthdate: February 12, 1966
Height: 1.92 m/ 6 FT 3.5 IN
Weight: 98 KG/217 LBS
Hobbies: Hunting, electrical work

Wiz: As we mentioned in his battle against Pikachu, Blanka the only survivor in the plane crash in the Brazilian Amazon, and young Jimmy grew up in the harsh rainforest by adapting with the local flora and fauna.

Boomstick: Like Tarzan, except in South America and with electric eels instead of apes!

Wiz: Years of living and camouflaging in the rainforest made his skin turning permanently green from chlorophyll.

Boomstick: Plus, he got the power to conduct electricity from eating electric eels, which works for him but a complete disaster for me!

Wiz: I did warned you about that, and looked how it turned out!

Boomstick: The toilet will never forgive me for that part!

Master of the Boot: I share the same sentiments with me and Chipotle!

YoungSamurai: Trust me about that.

Wiz: When he first entered the World Warrior tournament, Blanka’s one of the most agile fighters in the roster. Years of fighting dangerous predators gave him moves like the Beast Roll, where he hurdles himself like a cannonball and giving poor Sir Issac Newton the middle finger. Okay, maybe not the latter.

Boomstick: He also has two other rolls where he dive-bombs his opponents like an owl to mouse or goes up in the air in the rocket!

Wiz: He is also able to fry anyone close to him like a Taser or can slither across the floor like a snake.

Master of the Boot: All that from fighting jaguars and crocodiles? Damn, the Amazon got bigger balls than I thought!


Beast Roll AKA Rolling Attack
BlankaAlphaRollingAttack by PLCTheCd

  • -Curls himself into a ball and then rockets across the screen like a cannonball
  • - Speed and range depends on the punch button
  • - Easy to counter if Blanka’s not careful

Electric Thunder:
SFAElectricThunder by PLCTheCd

  • -Gained from a diet of electric eels
  • -Crouches down an conducts several thousand volts through his body
  • -Zaps anyone unfortunate enough to go near him.
  • -Often use as a defense or an anti-air
  • -Doesn’t shield against projectiles

Vertical Roll:
Blanka-riseroll-alp by PLCTheCd

  • -An Anti-Air attack
  • -Can be used against standing opponents
  • -Somersaults in a diagonally up-forward trajectory
  • -The height and distance depends on the kick button, basically the stronger the kick, the farther he goes

Backstep Roll:
Blanka-backward-roll-alp by PLCTheCd

  • -Blanka backflips backwards and then rapidly somersaults in a high arc forward.
  • -An aerial attack
  • -Good for dodging projectiles
  • -Can sent an opponent flying once hit

Amazon River Run:
SFAAmazonRiverRun by PLCTheCd

  • -Crouches low and performs a stretching slide, lunging at the opponent’s ankles
  • -Ideal counter
  • -Able to dodge most projectiles

YoungSamurai:  When Blanka needs more juice, he can perform the Grand Shave Roll a spin attack like a certain blue speedy hedgehog.

Boomstick: When he gets really pissed, he can use Shout of Earth to hit the ground with electricity, lighting them up like a Christmas tree light.

Wiz: His most powerful move is the Lightning Cannonball, where he combines two attacks into a devastating ball of destruction.

Super Moves:

Grand Shave Roll:

  • -Chargeable Spin Attack
  • -Can hit an opponent multiple times
  • -Similar to Sonic the Hedgehog’s Spin Dash attack

Shout of Earth:

  • - Blanka beats his chest while roaring, then performs a backflip and hits a ground in a surge of electivity.
  • -Can electrify the ground or shoot a bolt straight up
  • -Used as an anti-air or a ground attack

Lightning Cannonball

  • -Blanka crouches, electrifies himself, and somersaults forward
  • -Electric Spin Attack
  • -Rolls forward like a bowling ball
  • -Requires perfect timing

YoungSamurai: In his journey, Blanka found his long lost mother and became a hero of Brazil.

Boomstick: He’s also immune to many viruses which means if he’s lucky enough to get laid, he won’t ever worry about getting an STD. If someone is blind of course…

Wiz: Not only was he able to survive years alone in the Amazon, but he is also befriended Dan Hibiki, which that alone is an accomplishment.

Master of the Boot: Need we mention that he ate Pikachu?!

Background and feats:
  • Befriended Dan and Sakura
  • Survived the Amazon jungle for years
  • Attended the second World Warrior Tournament
  • Fought crocodiles and jaguars
  • Reunited with his mother
  • Immune to most viruses
  • National hero of Brazil
  • Represented Brazil in the second World Warrior Tournament
  • Ate Pikachu

Boomstick: While Blanka is one tough badass, need we have to mention twice that he only got training from Dan? Who’s basically the Dane Cook of Street Fighter characters?!

Master of the Boot: Hey, I like Dane Cook! (Is elbowed by YoungSamurai) OW! What was that for?!

YoungSamurai: For being stupider than usual!

Wiz: Plus, growing up in the humid jungle of the Amazon, he doesn’t do well in the freezing cold.

Master of the Boot: Finally, he’ll only attack if he’s pissed off, like a Wookie.

Wiz: Still, Blanka came far from the top, not only is he became a national hero of Brazil but is represented by the country several times!

  • Susceptible to cold
  • Is only aggressive when provoked
  • Never won a tournament
  • Only got training from Dan Hibiki

Boomstick: Finally Brazil has something to known for besides waxing, Carnival, steakhouses, drug cartels, and soccer.  Blanka, the green electric Ape man of the Amazon!

(Blanka backflips and letting out a ferocious roar)

Wiz: Alright, the fighters are all set, who do you the reader think will win? Please post a comment below and fave!

Boomstick: But please give your two cents instead of simply faving! There, I said the magic word, and you better leave a comment or else! (Cocks shotgun)
Death Battle Cole Vs Blanka Prelude
THanks to :iconyoungsamurai18: for lending me his bio! thanks to, :iconmaster-of-the-boot: serving as a guest hosts along with YoungSamurai

Third Death Battle fiction written by yours truly between two electrifying characters : Cole MacGrath of Infamous Vs Blanka from Street Fighter!
PS: I'm aware that I'm using Evil Cole or Cole from InFamous 1 instead, I thought the screenshots were better than the ones I found.

:iconyoungsamurai18: and :iconmaster-of-the-boot: belong to themselves
Death Battle (c) belongs to ScrewAttack!
Street Fighter (c) belongs to Capcom
Infamous (c) belongs to Sucker Punch
Why 11? Because I like to go one step further...

Well, after more than a decade has passed when I first created my DeviantArt profile. Friends come and go, and interests come and go. A lot of stuff happened to me over the years and it's best I give my best what the hell happened to me aside a single submission in a month.

Hell, I remember joining it only for the fanart but I eventually started posting fanfiction and poetry later on of my early days, and I was young and naive and for those who are curious, go and check my old entries from the days past. Ever since I started college, I became busy with my courses so, I never got the time to update my journals and it only worsened when I got accepted to Texas State San Marcos.

Sadly, many people I once watched stopped going to DeviantArt (Proof since they never updated their profile in YEARS) or their interests changed over time. Here I am, still clinging to the past, but now focus on the present, with concerns for the future awaiting for me.

Anyway, here's the scoop on what's going on over the years.

I was an Education Major or Interdisciplinary Studies as a fancy way of saying it, so my plan was to be an elementary school teacher as a way to pay homage for my teachers who never gave up on me. Sentimental as it sounds, reality hits me harder than a sledgehammer. Which is one of the many reasons why I rarely update.

In hindsight, I should've told the professors, the dean, and the rest of the higher-ups that I have Asperger's Syndrome. But I was too ashamed to let people know in fear of the stigma in both online and offline. On my final year of my major, I thought I can make it as a teacher when I started as an intern on the field. Apparently, the teacher I assigned with and my supervisor from Texas State had a beef with me since I was assigned with first grade students. One student had dyslexia, but either the assigned teacher didn't tell me or I simply forgot. So the teacher thought I was yelling at him but I wasn't, I was simply stating the fact on why he had trouble with the work. When he did completed his task, I said to him "That it's not perfect, but it will do"

I didn't mean to upset the kid when I said that, I meant to say that not everyone's perfect in their first try but constantly working will bring progress. So, I was reassigned with fifth graders.  At that age, students tend to be snarky, so I thought if I joked around and be funny, I thought students would respect me and form a better student/mentor relationship. But the supervisor basically said "No, you're not allowed to do that, and you're out of here"

So my parents got pissed at me and we ended up meeting with the dean of education, that's where I told them that I have Asperger's and they told me I can still graduate if I dropped out thanks to my credit score. THey understand that I meant well and not through malice. So, I was lucky enough to graduate and as a blessing in disguise.

Speaking of which, I graduated back in December, so I felt accomplished as a happiest moments of my life...

That is until the loans arrived and with no prior work experience with this day and age, I have trouble finding a job. As of now,I'm going back to Community College to work on my Associate's in cooking. Plus, I'm going for a job search through state help with my disability as for a lack of a better term, a "tool" to help me find a job.

I'm 27 as of this writing, so I'm hoping to do something productive later on with my life instead of sitting on my ass on the computer.

TL;DR: If you have a disability be sure to let the counselors, professors, and the rest know that you have them.

Until then, this is probably the longest entry I ever written in my journal.
  • Mood: Movingon
  • Listening to: Nothing right now
  • Reading: Some college textbooks
  • Watching: My screen
  • Playing: The Last Stand flash game later on
  • Eating: Frozen Yogurt earlier
  • Drinking: Water later on


United States
Current Residence: Texas but we ain't cowboys...ya'll
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXL
Favourite genre of music: Ska, old school rap, punk rock, and good ol' southern music
Favourite photographer: Peter Parker (Aka Spider Man)
Favourite style of art: All sorts
Operating System: Windows XP
Skin of choice: I ain't racist
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to list...
Personal Quote: Yogi: "Hey Boo-boo, let's get these N00bs and steal their pic-a-nic baskets!"

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AfroOtaku917 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the Added to my devWatch! !
PLCTheCd Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015
Yer welcome!
PLCTheCd Featured By Owner May 31, 2015
I'm watching it right now! :D
IronBloodAika Featured By Owner May 31, 2015
Why I love the fandom/show so much and why I hate people knocking it. Real talent in the fandom.
PLCTheCd Featured By Owner May 31, 2015
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ZephyrosOmega Featured By Owner May 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If i may ask, why do you use Wiz and Boomstick as hosts instead of creating your own?
PLCTheCd Featured By Owner May 31, 2015
I simply don't have the guts for it.
ZephyrosOmega Featured By Owner May 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
PLCTheCd Featured By Owner May 31, 2015
Wiz: What PLC means that he doesn't believe any of his OC ideas can do justice other than us hosting the Death Battle!

Boomstick: So we're here, both canon and fan fiction!
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