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Ness Vs Raz by PLCTheCd

Boomstick: This fan fiction of Death Battle is written by PLCTheCd


Wiz:: You must be wondering, “Hey, how come the writer isn’t doing Revy Vs Tanya or Blanka vs Cole?”

Boomstick: The answer is, it’s his story anyway so quit whining!

Wiz: Child psychics, whether fighting against the embodiment of all evil or to earn badges, they all come in different shapes or sizes.

Boomstick: The question that goes to everyone’s mind must be: “Are we really going to let children fight to the death?” And out answer is: Of course we are! It’s Raz from Psychonauts

Wiz: Vs. Ness from Earthbound. I’m Wiz and he’s Boomstick, and it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who will in a Death Battle.

Name: Ness
From: Earthbound (Mother 2 in Japan)
Age: 13

Wiz: Ness was an average kid living in the peaceful town of Onett who lives his mother, sister, and a workaholic father..

Boomstick: Everything seems normal alright, until a meteorite crashed nearby his house and robotic bee warns him about the bad future and only he and three other chosen kids can stop him! He seems to believe the robot bug completely, well at least it’s not a creepy old guy driving a big old van that says “Free Candy”

Wiz: Ness was then given psychic powers and thus, begins his journey to stop Giygas, the ultimate personification of evil itself.

Boomstick: You must be wondering how can a kid’s game like Earthbound have a menacing villain?

Boomstick: Well there goes your sleep and your pants…

Wiz: Throughout his journey to save the world from eternal evil, he befriended the other three children. Paula, the psychic love interest, the talented boy genius (And my personal favorite) Jeff, and the martial artist prince of Dalaam named Poo

Boomstick: …with a literally crappy name.

Wiz: Then you’re going to enjoy this one, all psychic powers in the Earthbound universe are used with Psychic Power or PP for short.

Boomstick: HAHAHAHAHA! You said PP!  First a kid named Poo and now this! Are the developers under drugs or something?

Wiz: Well, Psychic Points are recovered from eating magical tarts and puddings which causes hallucinations after being consumed. So, yeah I say so.

Boomstick: Whoa, forget that I asked…

Wiz: Because of the high number of weapons and items Ness can equip, we’ll give him the best weapons he can carry.

Boomstick: Starting with the Gutsy Bat, when he can’t beat his enemies with psychic powers, he can still bash their skulls into mush.

Wiz: He also carries the Combat Yo-Yo, while not accurate, can still do mid-range damage. Before you wonder how can yo-yos be deadly, people in the Philippines once used them as anti-snake weapons. Or watch a four year old play them indoors.

Boomstick: Trust us, you will regret it! Anyhoo, Ness also carries a Rabbit’s Foot which increases his speed instead of luck for some reason and a Souvenir Coin which does give him luck and increases his defense.

Weapons and Defense:

Gutsy Bat
- +100 Offense
- +127 Guts (Higher the guts, the higher chance of delivering a critical hit and less chance of  getting a critical hit)

Souvenir Coin
- + 80 Defense
+ 35 Luck

Rabbit’s Foot:
- +3 Defense
- +40 Speed
- Protects against paralysis

Combat Yo-yo
- +54 Offense
- Miss 18.75% of the time

Wiz: When it comes to his psychic powers, and because the Super Smash Bros. isn’t considered canon, we will only be using his powers in the official game.

Boomstick: Before you go “But guys, you used filler and GT for Goku when he fought Superman!” That was an only exception! Besides, his canon powers are still Rockin’ like his signature attack of the same name!

Wiz: Ness can also heal himself and recover status ailments with Life Up.

Boomstick: He can also use PK Flash and no, not the pervert in the trench coat type, but gives his enemies status ailments which varies based on the enemy. Think of it like a status lottery for the enemy.

Wiz: He’s also capable of putting his enemies to sleep and paralyzing them although strong enemies can resist it.

Boomstick: Ness can also shield himself with a wall of light that takes cuts damage in half and even reflects the enemy’s attack back at them like a mirror!

PSI Rockin’ vignette1.wikia.nocooki…

  • -Psychokinetic Wave generated from a concentration of psychic energy that that targets all enemies
  • -Goes up from Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Omega with Omega being the strongest but consumes the most PP
  • -Damages all enemies
  • -Decreases enemies Psychic Defense by one

PK Flash:
  • -Gives a strong flash that affects all enemies and gives them certain status ailments based on their power level.
  • -Goes up from Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Omega with each stronger than the last but consuming more PP
  • -Numbs enemies
  • -Causes enemies to cry uncontrollably
  • -Makes enemies feel strange
  • -Even knock them unconscious.

  • -Heals status ailments
  • -Only goes from Alpha to Gamma
  • -Alpha cures sunstroke, cold, and sleepiness
  • -Beta cures the same as Alpha along with poison, nausea, crying, and feeling strange
  • -Gamma cures the same as Beta along with crystallization, numbness, and unconsciousness with a few HP recovered.

Life Up:
  • -Recovers lost HP, the more PP consumed, the more HP recovered
  • -Alpha recovers 100 HP
  • -Beta recovers 300 HP
  • -Gamma fully heals one person
  • -Omega recovers 400 HP to all his party

  • -Causes enemies to be numb
  • -Alpha paralyzes one enemy
  • -Omega paralyzes all enemies,

  • -Puts enemies to sleep
  • -Alpha puts one enemy to sleep
  • -Can still be dodged
  • -Omega puts all enemies to sleep

  • -Only go up to Alpha and Beta
  • -Alpha reduces damage by 50%
  • -Beta also reduces damage in half and reflects attack back straight to the enemy

Boomstick: Ness is one tough kid, he beat the crap out of a street gang into reforming and wandered throughout his journey by himself before meeting his friends! Enemies from aliens, zombies, bears, robots, possessed tress, and even hippies! Dirty hippies!  

Wiz: Ness even entered his subconscious and overcame his nightmare which represents his dark side and fears. Which for some reason, took a form of an Oscar trophy with horns.

Boomstick: He even freed the cute Mr. Saturn from a giant pile of barf, and if you think I’m joking around go look up in YouTube for proof!

Background and Feats:
Survived and beating countless enemies influenced by Giygas’ influence even before meeting Paula, Jeff, and Poo
Defeated a street gang by himself
Overcame his nightmare which represents the evils, fears, and doubts in his subconscious
Freed Mr. Saturn from a sentient pile of vomit (Not making this up)
Stopped Giygas from bringing eternal darkness
Fought alongside Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Fox McCloud, and other Nintendo characters (Non-canon)

Wiz: However, most of Ness’s achievements are earned with the help of his friends and everyone he encountered in his journey. Like when he faced off Giygas, they only managed the stop him through everyone praying for him and his friends.

Boomstick: So Ness is like Jesus then!  Ness also suffers from homesickness and in fact, the only one in his team to suffer the ailment. He’s also our savior and loves his mama, what a guy!

Wiz: His psychic attacks drain PP, and the more powerful attacks, the more PP it consumes. The said PP is also limited, so he can only use them for so long.

Boomstick: He’s also on the chubby side since he’s the slowest of the four, must be from eating all the food he picks up from the garbage cans.

Suffers from homesickness (The only one in his party to suffer the ailment)
Slowest of the Chosen Four
Strongest attacks requires the most PP
Said PP is finite
Most achievements are with his friends.

Wiz: Still, with psychic powers and a baseball bat to boot, Ness is one of the best psychic child ever.

Boomstick: Ness, the baseball psychic kid Jesus of Onett!

Ness: OKAY!

Name: Razputin “Raz” Aquato

From: Psychonauts

Age: 10

Boomstick: Unlike most kids who want to run away to the circus. Razputin here RAN away from the circus. See, Raz was born and raised in a circus to a Gypsy family of traveling acrobats and unlike my ex-wife, he’s not some freak sideshow attraction but instead, the star attraction with his family.

Wiz: His story happened one day after a performance, he was invited to Whispering Rocks Psychic Summer Camp. A remote US government training facility disguised as an ordinary summer camp to train children into psychic powered agents called Psychonauts.

Boomstick: Where instead of singing campfire songs and eating S’mores, kids are trained to use their minds as powerful weapons to fight crime and defending the peace! Wished your summer camp days were like that huh?

Wiz: However, his overprotective dad forbid him from entering. Raz, believing his own father is shunning him for his powers he didn’t asked to have. Quietly runs away to Whispering Rocks.

Boomstick: But, it turns out to be a case of poor communication as his dad was only trying to protect his because his family was cursed by a rival gypsy family that causes anyone in Raz’s family drown near bodies of water. Which the game explains why he can’t swim unlike other video game characters who can do almost anything except fucking swim!

Wiz: Poor communications aside, in just a single day, Raz has learned many psychic powers, cured several insane people, stopped global conquest, and reconciled with his father.

Boomstick: His powers include but not limited to psychic blasts, a PSI shield which protects him from upcoming projectiles, and my personal favorite: Pyrokinesis great for roasting squirrels alive! Raz also knows his barbecue!

Wiz:  While I’m ignoring Boomstick’s taste in his meats. He can also become invisible, confuse his enemies, and even let others what they think of him in their eyes.

Boomstick: Knowing my ex-wife, she would think I’m some kind of a pig.

Wiz: Raz can also move objects around with telekinesis and protect himself with a psychic shield. Or even use his own thoughts to allow him to jump higher and float around like a balloon.

Boomstick: Whenever enemies get too close to him, he can always punch the day lights out of them or pummel them through a barrage of palm strikes with his mind!

PSI Punch

  • -Projects an orange fist with his mind
  • -Three hit combo
  • -Usually best when enemies get too close
Palm Bomb
  • -An air attack Razputin dives downwards with his PSI palm hitting the ground.
  • -Clears enemies away when surrounded
  • -Can attack the surrounding enemies multiple times with Palm Mega-bomb, making it even more effective.

Pyrokinesis vignette3.wikia.nocooki…

  • -Ability to sets things on fire with one’s mind
  • -Can set squirrels on fire for health
  • -Raz needs to stay still to cast
  • -Can cause a chain reaction to a cluster of enemies

Telekinesis vignette2.wikia.nocooki…

  • -Lift and throw objects with his mind
  • -Only strong enough to throw small objects
  • -Is defenseless and unable to move while using it


  • -Also known as Psi Blast
  • -Fires a blast of psychic energy
  • -Can ricochet and hit up to six enemies

Invisibility vignette4.wikia.nocooki…

  • -Self-explanatory
  • -Able to sneak up on enemies
  • -Drains away from constant use

Levitation vignette2.wikia.nocooki…
  • -Creates a “Thought Bubbles” which allows him to jump higher while riding on it
  • -Speed increases
  • -Can float downwards
  • -Can run over enemies like a wrecking ball with the Rolling Havoc upgrade

 PSI Shield vignette1.wikia.nocooki…

  • -Crouches down and envelope himself in an orange sphere
  • -Protects Raz from upcoming projectiles
  • -Drains away from constant use
  • -Cannot move while using the shield

  Clairvoyance vignette2.wikia.nocooki…

  • -Sees through the eyes of another person or object
  • -Raz can still move freely
  • -Not really useful in battle

 Confusion vignette3.wikia.nocooki…

    • -Throws Confusion Grenades
    • -Clouds people’s minds
  • -Cause enemies to turn one another

 Wiz: Raz is a talented acrobat and trapeze artist, being able to land from great heights without any discomfort and cross great heights without slipping or falling off.

 Boomstick: Raz is also strong enough to punch cougars! Cougars with the ability to set people on fire! He can fight off armies of Censors which are like the mind’s immunity system, in that case, it makes Raz the HIV of the human mind. vignette2.wikia.nocooki…

Wiz: Razputin also cured several adults of their insanity including the camp’s coach who are using the campers’ brains to power his tanks for world conquest. And yes, you read correctly! Brain tanks!


Background and Feats
Accomplished acrobat and trapeze artist

Double jump and land from great heights without pain or discomfort

Can lift a 70 lb. barbell with just his legs according to his memory vault

Strong enough to punch out a cougar (That can use pyrokinesis)

Defeated armies of censors

Cured several people of their insanity in just a day

Also earned all of his powers in the same amount of time

Became an accomplished Psychonaut by the end of the game

Boomstick: Of course, Raz can’t do everything like how I mentioned earlier that he can’t swim thanks to the family curse of his!

Wiz: Raz’s Shield and Invisibility are temporary and should he runs out, it will take some time for those powers to recharge before he can reuse them again.

Boomstick: He can’t move while using his shield, kinda like my ex-wife after a meal!

Wiz: Most of his powers requires ammo to use and are limited to use unless he finds more of them.

Cannot swim due to a family curse

Melee attacks are lacking

Shield and Invisibility are temporary and requires him to recharge

Cannot move when using said shield

Some powers requires ammo to use

Wiz: Despite his shortcomings, Raz accomplished the impossible in a single day which most people like Boomstick here couldn’t do in their entire lifetime!

Boomstick: HEY I HEARD THAT!

Raz They’ll be expecting Raz: the boy. But what they’ll find, what they don’t expect, is Raz: the Psychonaut!

Death Battle Ness Vs Razputin Prelude
Sorry it took me so long to write this as I was suffering from procrastination.

UPDATED! Raz is up.

Who will win in a battle between the two psychic boys? Please leave a comment before faving

Razputin belongs to Tim Schaeer and  Double Fine
Ness belongs to Shigesato Itoi and Nintendo
It was a normal day in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Well, as normal as Gravity Falls gets, anyways. Mabel’s stomach growled, and Dipper, her twin brother, put down the journal he was reading.

“Getting a little bit hungry are we Mabel?” He teased in a light-hearted tone,  “I’m getting a bit peck-ish myself, and do something else besides reading that journal all summer.”

“When will Grunkle Stan take us to the diner for lunch anyway?” Mabel asked, “I wonder if he’s going to take us to the diner again?”

Dipper cringed about what happened last time he was in that diner, from the humiliation he went through last time, and besides, he though their food wasn’t that good anyway.
“Mabel, I don’t want to eat there again,” Dipper moaned, “Let’s try something else, like the Arby’s near the forest.”

“Arby’s?” Mabel’s ears perked up, none of them even eaten at Arby’s before, and ever since last week, she had a craving for roast beef for some reason. “Sure, let’s go try there?”

“Arby’s? Why d’you wanna go there?” Grunkle Stan asked after overhearing the twins conversation, “What do you think their roast beef is really made from?”

“It’s not as mysterious as Greasy’s chicken pot pie,” Dipper retorted.

“Can we go there? I’m really starving.” Mabel moaned.

“Listen, you can go to Arby’s if you want to,” Stan finally agreed, “But don’t come crying to me when you have to go to the bathroom, bleed to death, or do something really messed up.”

“Fine, we will,” Dipper said harshly. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Grunkle Stan.”

But as Stan was exiting the Mystery Shack, the door did hit him on the way out.

“HAHAHAHAHA!” The twins laughed.

After Stan left for the diner grumbling his way into the car, Dipper turned to his sister.

“Why don’t you go first?” He suggested, “I’m trying to decode this.” He was looking at a cryptogram that said, “DUH BRX KXQJUB WR WUB WKH PHDW PRXQWDLQ” Dipper was officially stumped. He could not figure what it meant and it seemed mysterious to him.

“Alright Dipper, don’t do something naughty or else I’ll know…” Mabel said somberly, then smiled into her radiant expression “And won’t give you anything in return!”
So anyways, Grunkle Stan left for the diner, Dipper stayed behind in the Mystery Shack, and Mabel skipped along to find the Arby’s. She carried two 20 dollar bill with her, and not one of Stan’s counterfeits surprisingly, but finding the Arby’s was easier than she thought. Mabel was lucky enough to find the sign pointing to the restaurant’s location. The girl was quietly singing to herself until she saw a flicker of a sign in the forest’s deeper parts.

“I always wondered why there’s an Arby’s in the middle of the forest,” Mabel asked to herself, and then shrugs.

After hiking for about ten minutes, Mabel finally reached to the Arby’s, but it sure didn’t look like any Arby’s she’s ever seen. It was surrounded by a barrage of giant redwood trees in an open field, completely different from the rugged terrain of the Oregon forest. The said open field was covered with at least three layers of pine needles, which luckily for Mabel, her sweater protects her from being riddled with pine needles.

The restaurant, Arby’s looked similar to that of a silo, it was cylindrical after all. The outside had rusting picnic tables, and it looked like no one used them in years. Mabel walked up to the restaurant’s door.

“This place is creepy enough to lose my appetite,” Mabel said to herself, “But I guess I have no choice but to go inside, Dipper’s waiting from me, and Stan’s probably finished with his lunch by now.”

And she’s correct, Dipper’s starting to get hungry, and Stan’s returning from his lunch from Greasy’s…without paying of course.

Mabel finally entered the restaurant, and to her surprise, the interior was normal, except for the high ceiling. There were also no other customers, but it was no surprise for Mabel, considering how isolated the place is.

She went up to the counter, where‘s only one cashier at the register. A young, healthy busy out of her mind cashier.

Mabel couldn’t decide what to order, so she approached the register.

“Excuse me, this is my first time an-“

“SIR FOR THE LAST TIME, WE ONLY SERVE MEAT THAT IS ON OUR MENU!” The cashier interrupted until she turned around and saw it was Mabel.

“Oh, I’m sorry little girl,” The cashier apologized, “For a moment, I thought you were that kooky hillbilly who kept hollering for some pterodactyl and lake monster earlier.”

Mabel concluded that the cashier was talking about Old Man McGucket, at least she knows that she’s not the only person who has been to this place.

“Nope, I’m not a hillbilly but people think I am kooky though,” Mabel joked and the cashier laughed as well. “Anyway, this is my first time here and I am really hungry, what do you recommend?”

“Well, I’m not sure you’re THAT hungry to tackle the Meat Mountain,” The cashier said, “One of the only customers that eaten it was that giant lumberjack with the bushy red beard and unibrow.”

The lumberjack must’ve been Wendy’s dad, another one who’s been to Arby’s before, Mabel wondered before asking the cashier again. “What’s in the Meat Mountain anyway?”

“It is has two deep fried chicken tenders, slices of roast turkey, slices of ham, one slice of Swiss cheese, slices of corned beef, slices of brisket, slices of Angus steak, one slice of cheddar cheese, slices of our famous roast beef, and three slices of peppered bacon barely fitting into our bun.” The cashier ordered out and with a grin she said, “I betcha you can’t finish it all!”

“Oh yeah?” Mabel rose to the challenge, “I’ll have that and an order of your medium curly fries, and a medium Pitt Cola!”

“Alright, it’s your funeral,” The cashier shrugs as she jotted down Mabel’s order “But we only have Pepsi though, is that okay?”

“Pepsi?” Mabel wondered, it’s the first time she heard of that brand, “Okay, I’ll try this ‘Pepsi.’”

“Alright the total will be $14.23,”

Mabel paid the cashier and asked, “Say, I can’t be the only one here, besides that hillbilly who’s been there before?”

“Oh a couple of hikers, ordered here before that kook came, and we’re nearby a lumber camp where the lumberjack I mentioned and couple of his buddies visit here,” She replied, “But the lumber camp is closed for the day off for them and it’s a slow business ever since.”

After she finished explaining, Mabel’s order came. She carried her giant meal to the condiments isle and unwrapped the sandwich, and to the cashier’s words, it was enormous pile of meat as big as her head. Mabel decided to try some of their Arby’s Sauce and their Horsey Sauce, which fortunately for her, doesn’t really contain any horses but rather their horseradish.  Mabel sat at one of the empty tables and begins to consume her monster of a meat pile.

Mabel’s jaw unhinged as she tries to bite the sandwich, but the feat was impossible, so she tilted her head at a 45 degree angle, and get all the meat into her mouth. As she bit down, the smoky, tender flavors of the meats tantalized her taste buds from the moist roast beef to the peppery bacon. She then reached for one of the curly fries and ate one. The outside was crispy and peppery while the inside was fluffy and moist, just like how good fries should be for her. The happy-go-lucky girl reached to sip on her Pepsi, and while it’s not Pitt, it’s good as a soda should be.

She resumes her devouring while adding Arby’s Sauce into it, it was sweet and tangy, as if ketchup and barbecue sauce got together and had a baby. The delicious meats she tasted next, was the chicken tenders that still crispy enough even after being drenched into the sauce and the corned beef, which was nowhere as good as her mom’s but it was passable enough for her to enjoy as Mabel continues her carnivorous journey.

The next meat she tasted, was the turkey and the ham, both were lean but not dry like the time at Thanksgiving. Mabel dipped the fries into the Arby’s sauce and swallowed it down. She also starting to like the taste of this icy cold “Pepsi” as well.

In the meantime, the cashier called her coworkers and watch Mabel taking down the Meat Mountain. Mabel didn’t noticed them looking at her as much as she doesn’t noticed the cheeeses but the steak and brisket was there to tackle Mabel’s taste buds with their smoky flavor.

Mabel eventually hit the food wall as she was quarter finished, she decided to add the Horsey Sauce into the remains of her sandwich. While she never really cared for horseradish, but it gives enough spicy kick not to overwhelm her sinuses and beat the monotony of meat.

It was a glorious and difficult battle, but she finally vanquished her monster meal after gulping down the last drops of her Pepsi.

The restaurant crew applauded and cheer for her achievement, she was completely full beyond belief, but she was happy. Mabel bowed and was about to leave until she forgot about Dipper, her brother needed to try that sandwich too.

“That was great, can I have another one to go?” She asked as she handed out the money, “It’s not for me this time, or is it?”
Mabel Eats At Arby's
Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the official spin-off to the notorious fanfiction "Dipper goes to Taco Bell" and I am lucky enough to post this on DeviantArt.


Gravity Falls belongs to Alex Hirsch and Disney
First off: Holy crap, I haven't updated my journal for over a year.

Second, thank you everyone for liking my first Death Battle! With :icondimension-dino: s permission, here's the next upcoming battle!
The Saint of New Marais Vs The Feral Green Beast of Brazil
Blanka Vs Cole by PLCTheCd
The next battle after, which of these duel wielding babes will win? Agent Tanya Adams of Red Alert or "Two-Hands" Revy of Black Lagoon?
Tanya Vs Revy by PLCTheCd


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