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What Does Foxy Say? (A parody of Ylvis)

Freddy sings, and Chica eats.
Pizzas done, and Bonnie hops
Someone screamed, and the Parents moaned because someone crapped in the ball pit
Games are played and the children laugh, and the boss says CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN.
But there's one sound that no one knows...



Staring eyes, Rotten smell, creepy look, and baring teeth
Hook for a hand, going for the kill, suddenly you're standing still.
Your fur is tattered, so horrible, like a devil in disguise.
But if you stuff security guard, will you know the suit's filled by sha-a-ards  sha-a-ards  sha-a-ards?
How will you stuff to that gua-a-ard gua-a-ard gua-a-ard?


The secret of the fox, ancient mystery.
Somewhere in Pirate Cove, I know you're hiding.
When will you arrive? Will I ever know?
Will always be a mystery when do you kill?

You're my boogyman hiding in the halls.
What is your sound? (SKREEEEEEE! SKRREEEEEEEE!)
When will this end?? (SKREEEEEEEEE!)
I want to, I want to, I want to know! (SKREEEEEE!)
(Why I took this job)
What Does Foxy Say? (Ylvis Parody)

I'm pretty sure, everyone done this joke before but doesn't hurt to try with another song parody from Ylvis with Five Night's At Freddy's Foxy!

I own nothing, please don't sue me!
Boomstick: This fan fiction of Death Battle is written by PLCTheCd


Wiz: When it comes to the world of video game boxers, two often comes to everyone’s minds.

Boomstick: When their minds aren’t punched to mushy paste that is!  It’s Balrog from Street Fighter.

Wiz: And T.J Combo from Killer Instinct! I’m Wiz and he’s Boomstick, and it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who will in a Death Battle.

Name: Mike Balrog
From: Street Fighter
Height: 6’6’’
Weight: 225 lbs

Boomstick: Just like our previous battle of M. Bison Vs Shao Kahn, what we call M. Bison here in the US is called Vega in Japan, while their M. Bison is what we call Balrog. Still confused? Just watch the video on ScrewAttack or in YouTube!

Wiz: While Boomstick is too lazy to actually explain things, M. Bison is based on the real life boxer Mike Tyson.

Boomstick: Sans the sexual assault and domestic violence that is!

Wiz: Like any celebrity biopic you see, Balrog grew up in the streets as a nameless nobody until his rise as a boxing champion...

Boomstick: That is until he got banned permanently from crippling one of his opponents to life and accidentally beating another to death.

Wiz: Without any other way, he then joins the Shadaloo organization and worked his way as M. Bison’s top enforcer.  Even serving as a computer scientist, who for some reason, types with his boxing gloves like Strong Bad.


Boomstick: Let’s leave that one…

Wiz: Agreed…

Boomstick: While running errands for Bison, he killed one of Dhalsim’s elephants with his punch just for the sake of being a dick I guess, and became one of Dumbo’s worst nightmares.

Wiz: Joking aside, Olympic Boxers’ punches can range up to 1,066 lbs of force, and since he was able to kill a full-grown Indian Elephant, we can assume that Balrog’s punches are even stronger!

Boomstick: Eat your heart out Ivan Drago! Anyhoo, he also agreed to help Birdie (After pummeling the crap outta him) to find the Psycho Drive with the belief he can get paid. Which didn’t turned well…*Under his breath* like my alimony…

Wiz: By the end of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo,  M. Bison’s (Temporary) death by the hands of Akuma lead to Balrog’s hands to lead the organization.

Boomstick: Which sunk faster than his career and was forced to take menial jobs such as casino security. While it maybe a humiliating low for him, just don’t get caught counting cards or some dumb crap in front of him.

Background and Feats:
Killed an elephant with his punch
Former Champion Boxer
Teamed up with Birdie to find the Psycho Drive (But failed)
Broke a Billiards Table with one punch
Can hold to go toe-to-toe against Ken, Chun-Li, and Gen just to name a few
Top enforcer of Shadaloo
Computer Scientist (Non-canon)

Wiz: Boxing or pugilism is a simple but effective martial art, compromising four basic punches: Jabs, Crosses, Hooks, and Uppercuts.

Boomstick: While his special attacks aren’t exactly flashy or over-the-top compared to the others, they’re made up for being brutal and cheap as hell like his headbutt, over and over again! Someone give his opponent some Tylenol!

Wiz: His two basic special attacks are the Dash Straight and the Dash Upper, which is rather self-explanatory, but can catch his opponent’s off-guard by being across the screen. Balrog’s Turn Punch lets him wind up and hold his power before releasing it in one massive blow.

Boomstick: His special combos are his Gigaton Blow, which is essentially his Turn Punches on steroids, and the same attack that killed Ganesha. The Crazy Buffalo has Balrog give five brutal punches with the fifth his Turn Punch. And finally, the Dirty Bull despite its pornographic name, is a headbutt followed by a stomp to their foot, and finishing up with a cross punch, and an elbow.

Super Moves:

-Cheap tactic
-Grapple Move

Dash Straight
-Dashes forward to a straight punch
-Can go across the screen depending which punch button is pressed.

Dash Upper
-Dashes forward to his opponent with an uppercut
-Can be used as an Anti-Air attack.
-Can go across the screen like the Dash Straight

Turn Punch
-Turns his back on his opponent (duh)
-Winds up for at least two seconds and charges with a powerful punch
-The longer he holds, the more powerful the punch.

Gigaton Blow
-Performs the Turn Punch twice,
-Followed by another turn punch capable of hitting the opponent multiple times
-Was the same attack that killed Dhalsim’s elephant

Crazy Buffalo
-Delivers five savage punches
-What kind of punches depends on which button is pressed
-Last punch is always a Turn Punch

Dirty Bull
-Grabs his opponent
-High stun damage makes up for its low damage.
-Only time he uses his foot to attack

Boomstick: Of course, Balrog’s not the best of the four bosses in Street Fighter.

Wiz: First off, Balrog is more of a dominating bully than a crafty leader. Preferring to charge head on rather than planning, and although he’s not borderline too dumb to live, he’s a good example of a dumb muscle like Boomstick here.

Boomstick: Yeah! Wait- What?

Wiz: Nothing.

Boomstick: And let’s not ignore the Dhalsim's dead elephant in the room, he doesn’t have any kick attacks!

(Balrog: What’s a kick?)

Wiz: He’s also overconfident like many bullies and has a temper to boot.

Boomstick: He gets mad easier than my ex-wife in her period!

Wiz: (Sarcastically) That was very classy Boomstick.

Boomstick: Thanks Wiz! (Belches)

No kick attacks
Prefers head-on attacks
Short Tempered
A Big Bully
Cheats to win

Wiz: Balrog, the brutal enforcer of Shadaloo

Balrog: Just try an’ stop me!

Name: T.J “Combo” Garrett
From: Killer Instinct
Height: 6’1’’
Weight: 220 lbs

Boomstick: Just like his initials, no one really knows about TJ’s early life, other than fighting his way out in a seedy, backstreet gym to becoming heavyweight champion five years straight. But like all rises to successes, his greed gets the best of him.

Wiz: Fearing that he’ll lose his title, he blew his money on titanium cybernetic implants on his arms, to ensure that his title remains.

Boomstick: But he didn’t think this through, he was caught when the Ultratech surgeon who performed the implants blabbed it to the media, and the end result had his title, wealth, and public respect.  Should’ve checked the reviews on Yelp before actually going through huh? But the real question is… how would he get pass the metal detector with those implants? And freaking magnets, how do they work?

Wiz: The rule of cool, Boomstick. Not even the laws of science can overcome it sometimes.

Boomstick: Well, the rule of cool aside, he’s been working harder than ever to regain the public trust again. Being the video game version of Michael Vick and Lance Armstrong…except Lance Armstrong was pretty much a dope to begin with and Michael Vick is a bitch…

(Mordecai and Rigby: OOOOOOHHHHHH!)

Wiz: As of this writing, the Xbox One version of him had just been released, so we will be gathering information of his recent incarnation based on what we see on YouTube.

Boomstick: So no whining about it! I mean it’s just a fan fiction , and it would require a LOT of guesswork for our writer and plus, it’s our Death Battle, so suck it!

Wiz: According to the Killer Instinct Wiki page, his upper arms are covered in scars which implies he had his implants removed.

Boomstick: But it doesn’t stop him from kicking ass though! Seriously, why would he even needed those implants in the first place?

Wiz: Between Killer Instincts 1 and 2, he killed Riptor while only losing an eye in the process. If anyone saw our battle between Riptor and Yoshi, they know the capabilities of a genetically engineered velociraptor mixed with human DNA.

Boomstick: Which is no small feat for anyone, even though he was eaten and crapped out by Yoshi!

Wiz: Even yet, it’s implied that TJ traded his titanium arms for a new eye implant.

Boomstick: I know what implant I’d like to improve my big load…

all that heavy lifting will be great with a titanium spine implant! What? I can’t make sex jokes all the time!

Wiz: In Killer Instinct 2, he vowed revenge against Ultratech and everything it stands for.

Boomstick: By looting and TPing  Ultratech’s property like a school kid, until TJ got caught into a time rift, and fought his way through history like a punching Doctor Who!

Wiz: Actually Boomstick, it’s just the Doctor! The “Who” came from what his full name is, and it’s always “just the Doctor!”

Boomstick: Pfft…nerd…

Background and Feats
Killed Riptor
Champion boxer for five years
Formidable fighter even without his implants
Traded said implants with an new eye
Traveled across time
Fought opponents like a skeleton pirate, an alien made of ice, a Native American shaman who can summon lightening, and a mutant made of fire just to name a few

Wiz: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that and get on with his attacks. Like Balrog, he is also boxer but with a small difference…

Boomstick: TJ Combo actually knows how to kick! Well, it’s a knee, but a kick none the less!
Wiz: His Flying Knee, catches his opponent off guard with him jumping across the screen, and kneeing his opponent while his Rolling Thunder haves him rolling towards his opponent, dodging his opponent’s attacks before punching them in the midsection.

Boomstick: Then there is the Powerline Punch is basically Balrog’s Dash Straight attack but with a cooler sounding name and can sends his foes stumbling backward like me on a Friday night!

Wiz: His Upward Knee is basically his Flying Knee, only going upwards instead of across, perfecting for an anti-air attack. Then there’s his Tremor, where he leaps towards his opponent like a catapult before punching his opponent on impact.

Boomstick: The Winding Uppercut gives Popeye a tribute by winding his arms like a fan before uppercutting them so hard, they sending them flying across the sky like Team Rocket. Finally there’s his Spinning Backhand, a souped up version of a pimp-slap! Hot damn!

Super Moves:

Rolling Thunder:
-TJ rolls across the screen before punching them in the midsection
-Can dodge attacks while doing so

-Runs to his opponents with a straight punch
-Can send opponents stumbling back
-Can be canceled

Flying Knee:
-He jumps towards his opponent
-And his them with his knee
- (Duh)

Upward Knee:
-Like his Flying Knee but going upwards (Duh, again)
-Used as an anti-air attack

-Combo leaps towards his opponent like a catapult
-Delivers a firey fist on impact

Winding Uppercut:
-Winds his arms like a fan
-Capable of spinning at superhuman speeds
-Once connected, it can sends his opponents flying high in the sky

Spinning Backhand:
-Hit his opponent in the midsection
-A backhand attack similar to Balrog’ Turn Punch

Wiz: That’s not all of his attacks, there’s also his No Mercies.

Boomstick: Which are like Mortal Kombat’s fatalities but tamer and without the copyrighted name.

Wiz: The Fourth Wall where he backhands his opponent and punches them so hard, they’re sent flying and hitting the gamer’s viewing screen.

Boomstick: So that’s what will happen if Pinkie Pie took boxing lessons!

Wiz: Wow Boomstick, I never expect you to become a brony after Rainbow Dash’s fight against Starscream.

Boomstick: Shut up! Ponies are cute and awesome!

Wiz: (Holds back his laughing) Getting back into topic, the Neck Breaker does exactly what it does.

Boomstick: By breaking his opponent’s neck of course!

Wiz: Target Practice makes him pull out his submachine gun and emptying an entire magazine.

Boomstick: Makes you wonder why they banned him for Titanium implants and ignoring him owning a freaking gun he hides in his pants. Though makes you wonder why he simply doesn’t shoot them.

Wiz: Then there’s Up In The Air, where he uppercuts his opponent and sends them flying!

Boomstick: Except they don’t come crashing down! It looks like even gravity is afraid to deal with Combo!

Wiz: But that’s not all, in the reboot of Killer Instinct, he has what’s called Instinct Mode.

Boomstick: In fact, he has two for the price of one!

Wiz: Last Breath happens with his health is fully depleted but his meter is full, when that happens, he gets a second wind with 20% of his life filled up, and unleashes a shockwave of energy that sends his opponent away.

Boomstick: His other one is Glory Days where he glows blue like a Smurf and his scars light up, giving him an increase in speed. It looks like he traded his one sin for another…

No Mercies

The Fourth Wall
-Punches the opponent, they’re sent flying towards the viewer and hit the screen
-Victim slides down in a rather comical fashion

Neck Breaker:
-TJ punches his opponent in the gut, forcing on their knees
- Walks around in a circle before actually breaking their necks

Target Practice
-Pulls out a submachine gun of an unknown model
- Capable of hidden well in his pants
- Unleashes a whole magazine full of hot lead

Up In The Air:
-Pumps up and uppercuts his opponent sky high
-Opponent is assumed to hit the Earth’s atmosphere
-Defies gravity
-Can only be executed during the combo on the second bar of the opponent's health.

Instinct Mode

Last Breath:
- 20% of his health is restored
- Instinct Meter is half filled
- Releases a shockwave that pushes his opponent away

Glory Days:
-The scars on his arms light up
- TJ then glows blue
- Overall speed increases dramatically.

Wiz: But of course, ever since Combo removed his implants, he might be at a disadvantage for the more brutal Balrog.

Boomstick: Plus, he’s a bit shorter and lighter than him by five inches and five pounds. Still, no worse than my ex-wife.

Wiz: Judging his appearance, he looked aged and may not be at his prime.

No longer having his titanium implants
Appears to be aged
Is by five inches shorter and five pounds lighter than his opponent
Not expected to fight someone dirty like Balrog

Boomstick: Still doesn’t stop him from being a machine gun wielding, dinosaur killing badass we call TJ Combo!

TJ Combo: Is that the best you got Ultratech?
Death Battle: Balrog Vs. Combo Prelude
What took me so damn long to post something? Well, after all the Death Battle fics I've read, I decided to test one out myself!

For my first match, I'll do the battle between Balrog Vs. TJ Combo! I'll start with Balrog first and I'll be writing TJ Combo's soon.

PS: Please let me know if I'm missing something or there's grammar problems.

UPDATE: Thanks to :icondimension-dino: for the image!

Death Battle belongs to ScrewAttack

Balrog belongs to Capcom

TJ Combo belongs to Rare
And for my fellow bronies who are complaining about the Alicorn Twilight tomorrow:…

I mean, season 4 is all but confirmed and if it gets off anyone's back, let the rest of the Mane Six turn into Alicorns as well.


United States
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