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                           Safety In Numbers

It was evening somewhere out in the American suburbs, six children were leaving after a school party, and they were heading home before it gets too dark. Each of the child’s parents believe that they’re old enough to walk home alone, much to the anxiousness to the one of the kids in the group.
A young, Caucasian boy with the blonde short hair, blue eyes looked around nervously, he tugged his sweater vest before finally speaking.

“Oh man, it’s getting dark so soon,” Leon whined, “I thought there’s going to be a full moon tonight.”

The next boy rolled his hazel eyes, before approaching the other boy..

“Look Leon, all of us live in the same Cul-De-Sac,” David growled, “It’s our first time going home without our folks as well, so don’t start crying about it!”

One who is walking next to Leon is an African American girl, who’s green shirt and pants matches with the color of grass sitting next to the sidewalk. The same girl also glared at David before hissing.

“Oh, give him a break!” Beatrice defended, “You know as well as the rest of us on how sensitive Leon’s on that subject.”
“Well, sorry for ruining your date you two love birds, didn’t mean to-OW!” David’s teasing was interrupted when a girl with curly brown hair elbowed him in the ribs.

“What was that for?” He demanded while rubbing his purple shirt.

“What do you think?” Taylor simply asked. “Don’t forget that the party doubled as three dates.”

“It’s not about that!” Leon protested, “Well, okay it is, but it’s mostly about the news that we saw on TV before we all left for the party, about that crazy maniac escaping in prison. What if he ends up in our neighborhood?”

The boy in front of stopped, turned his head, and smiled.

“That’s impossible dude,” Russel reassured him, “We’re in a gated community, so it’s not like he can reach us here.”

“Besides, there’s safety in numbers.” The girl named Rosie added, while adjusting her glasses."

"Well, what if he’s armed?” Taylor asked, “I don’t think your bare hands would do anything against a bullet.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Russel said, scratching his red hair. “But we’re half way there anyway, I can practically smell it!”

Several minutes later, David stopped walking in the middle of the path.

“Why’s you stop?” Beatrice asked, “I thought you went to the bathroom or are you going to make fun of Leon again?”

“It’s not that!” David said, putting his hand behind his ear, “I swore I heard something.”

“Like, he’s right for once!” Taylor said, earning a glare from the boy. “But it’s gone now.”

“D-do you think it’s our imagination?” Leon asked, “Maybe it’s something we ate at the party.”

“Well, something smells fishy alright,” Rosie added. “And it’s definitely not the food.”

“I wonder where the footsteps coming from?” Taylor wondered, “Like, where did it go?”
Then a voice called for them, a deep, gravelly menacing voice.

“Right in front of you!”

The children turned their heads to see a man, dressed head to toe in black, his hair and eyes, matching the same color of darkness. His smile, a great evil looking smile, reached ear to ear before speaking.

“And the six of you look like a good warm up exercise.”

“AHHH! IT’S THE MANIAC!” Leon screamed, before David puts his hand in front of his mouth to quiet him down.

“Shut up!” He snarled, “Do you want to make things worse?!”

“Why’d you shut him up?” The maniac asked in a fake concerned tone, “I want to know if he can still scream with his throat slashed out!”

The six kids huddled together in fear, then suddenly Russel gathered enough courage to speak.

“Listen mister, we don't know how you got in here, or how you've reached us but we still outnumber you!” He said bravely as he can, but both the maniac and the rest of the children saw him still shaking in his shoes.

“Aww, isn’t that cute?” The Maniac chuckled sinisterly, “He’s going to protect his buddies, and his girlfriend.”

“Leave us alone you big bully!” Rosie aided, “Just leave us alone, and we won’t tell a soul!”

The maniac simply pulled out a large, sharp machete out nowhere before pointing the blade in front of the group.

“Now, that’s a risk that I can’t take,” He cackled, “So, who wants to be the first to be gutted like a fish?”

As he approaches the group, all six of the children begins to walk backwards with every cautious, coordinated step.

“Should we split up?” Beatrice whispered a question to Rosie.

“No, we still go as a group,” she whispered back in response.

“Aww, it looks like I found my first volunteers!” The Killer said before raising his blade to strike.


  Leon grabbed Beatrice in the arm in time and pulled her in before the blade struck the girl, the blade missed its target but managing to give a gash on Leon’s shoulder. Crimson liquid begins seeping through the blue sleeve.

“Everyone, stay close and run as fast as you can!” Rosie roared.

  Beatrice grabbed Leon’s good hand, and the rest of the girls followed suit. Taylor then threw a rock that she picked up during the same time Leon was hurt. The rock struck the killer in the face as he screamed in both pain and surprise.


    All of the children ran as fast as their legs could carry, Beatrice and Leon despite the latter’s injury, were surprisingly light on their feet while jumping over a recycling bin, and bobbing through an abandoned shopping cart. Their lungs are suddenly becoming heavy and running out of breath. Leon turned his head and saw something in the darkness.

“Guys, we can hide in that abandoned house for shelter!” He called out to everyone before muttering to himself. “What was I saying?!”

    The children ran inside the house and quickly shut the door before catching their breaths.

“That was close,” Taylor whimpered, “I wonder if our parents are starting to get worried about us?”

“If we can find a phone that works, maybe we can call them.” Russel suggested. “If not, we can spend the night here.”
“No way am I going to sleep in some dusty old shack!” Beatrice cried, “I just want to live!”

Leon simply hugged her before saying, “You saved my life, and I can’t thank you any more than that. We will make out.”

“Look on the bright side,” David begins, “There’s no way the Maniac can find us here.”
Then suddenly, out of nowhere, something grabbed David by the hair as he cried in pain. The children, in their horror saw the Killer was in the house with them!
David feels his hair getting ripped from the scalp while the only thing he can do is to scream and thrash his limbs about.

"Ahh, it looks like you found my hiding spot!” The Killer said grinning the same evil grin, “As a reward, you’re going to see his head come out of his body!”
    David felt his captor’s grip loosening, and manages to turn his head to lunge and bite down the arm where the Killer is holding his machete. The Maniac screamed again before punching David in the head. The boy flew and landed on the remaining five children as they all collapsed from David’s weight. Despite the pain and disorientation from the hit, David weakly spoke.

“Guys, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make fun of you earlier.” He cried, “J-just leave me so the rest of you can get help.”

    Leon was the first to get up on his feet and then, for some reason, started smiling.

“Save your apology David,” He said, “Instead look out in the window.”
    The rest of the children saw that Leon is correct, something is in front of them. Or rather, something out in the night sky. A large, full moon shining upon them, as the moonlight’s rays begins hitting on their bodies. But the killer was too busy to notice their smiling faces.

“Just give up and die,” He growled, “You are all trapped in here with me…”

Russel then stoop up and said, “I believe it’s the other way around Mister.”

Rosie is the next to follow before she added. “We’re not trapped here with you…”

“You’re trapped in here with us!” Taylor yelled!

    The Maniac suddenly stopped in his tracks and begins to see the children’s eye beginning to glow and started grinning just as maniacally as his grin. David’s missing tooth that was knocked out by him was growing back and the cut on Leon’s shoulder was rapidly healing up as the blood starting to disappear from the wound.
Then, in his eyes, the children are growing, inch by inch until they are all tall as he is. Fur begins to grow on their skins as their clothes are beginning to tear from each growth. Rosie’s glasses begins to crack and then falls apart in her face but she doesn’t seem to notice nor the fact the hairbands that are holding her pigtails snapped, letting her hair down. Russel’s blue cap fell out of its owners head and followed suit. Their fingernails starting to turn black and pointy, their smiling teeth slowly turning into fangs, and their noses begin protruding upwards. In the case for Leon and Beatrice, jagged whiskers starting to grow apart. The children’s bare faces eventually became covered in fur, their normal ears shrank down into nothing, and in its place animal-like ears begins to sprout up in the top of their heads. Cat ears for Beatrice and Leon, Wolf ears for Taylor and David, and Bear ears for Rosie and Russel.

 For the first time in ever in his life, the Killer felt the same feeling as his victims. The feeling of fear…

Without warning the young werebeasts then pounced upon the Maniac before he got a chance to defend himself and begins to maul him to shreds. His screams filling in the night sky...

The End
Safety In Numbers
I apologize for not being to able to finish my Death Battle on time, so I decided to make it up by rewriting my old middle school paper with a twist in the end to celebrate Halloween.

Enjoy and find all the foreshadowing as much as you can after you're done!
Wiz: (Groans) Ow, my aching head...what time is it? Eh, WHAT THE HELL?! It's ALREADY HALLOWEEN?! Boomstick, just what did you put in that Moonshine?!

Boomstick: ...(Is out cold)

Wiz: Damn it...well sorry everyone, Jason Vs Rick will be delayed until sometime in November...Err, Boomstick? Are you even breathing?

Blankaart by PLCTheCd

Real Name: James “Jimmy”
From: Street Fighter 2
Birthdate: February 12, 1966
Height: 1.92 m/ 6 FT 3.5 IN
Weight: 98 KG/217 LBS
Hobbies: Hunting, electrical work


Beast Roll AKA Rolling Attack
BlankaAlphaRollingAttack by PLCTheCd

  • -Curls himself into a ball and then rockets across the screen like a cannonball
  • - Speed and range depends on the punch button
  • - Easy to counter if Blanka’s not careful

Electric Thunder:
SFAElectricThunder by PLCTheCd

  • -Gained from a diet of electric eels
  • -Crouches down an conducts several thousand volts through his body
  • -Zaps anyone unfortunate enough to go near him.
  • -Often use as a defense or an anti-air
  • -Doesn’t shield against projectiles

Vertical Roll:
Blanka-riseroll-alp by PLCTheCd

  • -An Anti-Air attack
  • -Can be used against standing opponents
  • -Somersaults in a diagonally up-forward trajectory
  • -The height and distance depends on the kick button, basically the stronger the kick, the farther he goes

Backstep Roll:
Blanka-backward-roll-alp by PLCTheCd

  • -Blanka backflips backwards and then rapidly somersaults in a high arc forward.
  • -An aerial attack
  • -Good for dodging projectiles
  • -Can sent an opponent flying once hit

Amazon River Run:
SFAAmazonRiverRun by PLCTheCd

  • -Crouches low and performs a stretching slide, lunging at the opponent’s ankles
  • -Ideal counter
  • -Able to dodge most projectiles

Super Moves:

Grand Shave Roll:

  • -Chargeable Spin Attack
  • -Can hit an opponent multiple times
  • -Similar to Sonic the Hedgehog’s Spin Dash attack

Shout of Earth:

  • - Blanka beats his chest while roaring, then performs a backflip and hits a ground in a surge of electivity.
  • -Can electrify the ground or shoot a bolt straight up
  • -Used as an anti-air or a ground attack

Lightning Cannonball

  • -Blanka crouches, electrifies himself, and somersaults forward
  • -Electric Spin Attack
  • -Rolls forward like a bowling ball
  • -Requires perfect timing

Background and feats:
  • Befriended Dan and Sakura
  • Survived the Amazon jungle for years
  • Attended the second World Warrior Tournament
  • Fought crocodiles and jaguars
  • Reunited with his mother
  • Immune to most viruses
  • National hero of Brazil
  • Represented Brazil in the second World Warrior Tournament
  • Ate Pikachu

  • Susceptible to cold
  • Is only aggressive when provoked
  • Never won a tournament
  • Only got training from Dan Hibiki
Wiz: (Groans) Ow, my aching head...what time is it? Eh, WHAT THE HELL?! It's ALREADY HALLOWEEN?! Boomstick, just what did you put in that Moonshine?!

Boomstick: ...(Is out cold)

Wiz: Damn it...well sorry everyone, Jason Vs Rick will be delayed until sometime in November...Err, Boomstick? Are you even breathing?



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