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 (Parody of "Radio Killed the Video Star" by the Buggles)

You made your famous series back in 2010
Of children reacting to what’s popular back then
So you made more videos and started your own trend


But then you went greedy and trademarked the word “react”
You upset your fans and took it as an attack
So they all unsubscribed to you and you cannot take it back

Your former viewers
What will they say to you?

Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
They are exaggerating but they are kind of right

So you took your announcements down as a form of regret
But all those people are not going to forget
Consequences are complete loss of respect

You weren’t the first ones
Oh-a oh!
But you were the last ones

Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
In my mind, you all gone too far
You simply can’t take back and then restart


Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
In my mind, you all gone too far
You simply can’t take back and then restart
They are exaggerating but they are kind of right
So they will switch to Vimeo or some other site…

They killed…the YouTube site…
They killed…the YouTube site…
Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
Fine Bros killed the YouTube site
(They killed…the YouTube site…)
Fine Bros killed the YouTube site
Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
(They killed…the YouTube site…)
Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
Fine Bros killed the YouTube site
(They killed…the YouTube site…)
Fine Bros. killed the YouTube site
Fine Bros killed the YouTube site
(They killed…the YouTube site…)

(Song fades away)
Fine Bros Killed The YouTube Site

For those who are living under a rock, The Fine Brothers who are known for their React videos (Featuring Kids, Teens, and Elders reacting to something) are trying to trademark and license their works under their name. This is called "React World"  which is taken down as of this writing.

This pissed a lot of people off since that would mean they would have copyright the word "React" itself even though the genre was around before they even started. "Kids Say the Darnest Things" for example.  This action left many people unsubscribe their channels in protest.  Later on, they took down their announcment videos but many people (including yours truly) find it as "Too little, too late"as they brought many disappointment to people.

If you want more information, these sites explain lot better than I can:………

TL;DR: I lost all respect for them and decide to write a song parody based on this song from the 80s called "Video Killed The Radio Star" by the Buggles. I recommend to play this while reading the lyrics:…

I know there will be people out there who are actually defending them, (Besides their lawyers) please note it is something called A PARODY

"Video Killed the RAdio Star" (c) belongs to the Buggles

Fine Bros belong to themselves (Please don't sue me!)
Boomstick: This fan fiction of Death Battle is written by, PLCTheCd


Wiz: Tough women that duel wield pistols, such a deadly pair exists in beauty, precision, and sometimes all out carnage. Such as Agent Tanya from Red Alert!

Boomstick: Vs Revy from Black Lagoon! Not even I would dare piss them off! Well…in front of them at least. Also, because of the Soviets went back in time to erase Einstein from existence, we will be using the Red Alert 3 version of Tanya!

Wiz: I’m Wiz and he’s Boomstick and it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who will in a Death Battle!

Red Alert 3 Tanya-wallpaper-1024x768 by PLCTheCd

Name: Tanya
From: Red Alert 3
Played by: Jenny McCarthy (In Red Alert 3)
Height: 5’6 1/2 (Based on her actress, Jenny McCarthy)
Weight: Unknown (Petite, yet well-fit athletic body)
Age: Unknown (Appears to be in her mid 20s-early 30s)

Wiz: A brief rundown for those who never played the Red Alert games. The year was 1946, the one year anniversary of World War 2, the most destructive war known to mankind. Albert Einstein invented a time machine to go back in back time to erase one man responsible for the countless deaths of innocent people. Adolf Hitler.

Boomstick: Einstein landed in Landsberg, Germany, 1923 where he met Hitler who just got out of prison. He then erased the dictator out of existence by shaking his hand… man, Einstein must’ve rubbed his feet in carpet for a really long time to do this!

Wiz: Technology jumped in several decades ahead to the point where Longbow attack helicopters, tesla coils, and MiG jets appeared early as the 1940s. However, Einstein also inadvertently caused a new enemy to take the Nazis’ place, the Soviet Union lead by Joseph Stalin. This new Second World War was even more devastating than the last, but thankfully, the new Allies won the war and forced the surrendering Soviets to sign a declaration of peace… Then Red Alert 2 arrived with massive airships, and a Rasputin look-a-like who happens to be psychic.

Boomstick: Red Alert 3 on the other hand, is the RTS Willy Wonka would play. Since the Soviets lead by Dr. Frank N Furter erased Einstein himself from existence, this new timeline created The Empire of the Rising Sun lead by Sulu with mechas, a psychic schoolgirl, and lightsaber katanas!

Wiz: To combat the two enemies around the globe, the Allies have their top commando. Agent Tanya!

Boomstick: Armed with dual pistols, unlimited supply of C4, and even a freaking belt that lets her go back in time! Tanya brings fear in the hearts of the average Soviet soldier…plus, an erection in their-

Wiz: Moving along! If you are wondering why we are telling the backstory of the Red Alert series instead of Tanya’s is because she is a great danger to her enemies. So any information about her is a closely guarded secret, the following include but not limited to: place of birth, last name, military rank, marital status, weight, height, shoe size, number of confirmed kills, age, and hell, even if she’s a real blonde or not is a complete mystery!

Boomstick: What we do know is how much she kicks ass in the battlefield. Armed with two Black Buzzard pistols, which is clearly a copyright friendly name of the Desert Eagle pistols. She can faster than your average assault rifle. Or if you’re not a gun nut like yours truly, an average M-16, can fire 700-950 rounds per minute, which means Tanya can shoot the Commies faster and aim better than your average soldier! Think you can order her to make a sandwich? She’ll reply with a bullet to your head!

Wiz: Also, with an unlimited supply of C4, not even building and vehicles are safe from her destruction. The amount she can carry is extraordinary and is always enough to blow it up into smithereens. Think that you’re safe in the water? Tanya can swim and packs enough explosives to sink warships many times her size! According to the Deadliest Warrior episode with the Navy Seals Vs the Israeli Commandos, a single pound of C4 has 270 psi or enough to blow up a rowboat with two people. So, imagine the amount needed, to blow up say, a battleship!

Boomstick: LOTS of boom that is! She can swim like Aquaman without tiring out and sink ships. But even that pales to her secret weapon…

Wiz: Tanya dons the prototype FutureTech Time Belt, with it, she can travel back to where she was five seconds in the past. Whenever she makes a mistake or in great danger, she can jump back where she was, negating any injuries she sustained.

Boomstick: Man, wish I have that, I would’ve avoided all those lawyer fees and child support.

Weapons and Equipment:
RA3JennyMcCarthy WP2 19x12 by PLCTheCd
  • Two Black Buzzard Pistols:
  • Fires just as fast, if not faster than a machine gun.
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Short Range
  • Can kill almost any infantry in one shot

C4 Plastic Explosives:
800px-US Navy 111213-N-BA263-596 Composition C-4 d by PLCTheCd
  • Unlimited Amount
  • Always carries enough to blow up buildings, ships, and vehicles sky high.
  • A bane of a turtling player with no base defenses
  • Never seems to get caught in the explosion, no matter how close.

Time Belt: (Skip near the end)

  • Experimental device that lets her jump back five seconds from where she was in the past
  • Used for whenever the unlikely event she gets into danger
  • Any injuries she sustained before using the belt will go away, essentially healing her.
  • Has a cooldown time before she can use again.

Wiz: Oh, and since the Allied Campaign is canon thanks to the Uprising expansion, we will cover her feats.

Boomstick: Like the time she rescued the Allied VIPs in France to forming a truce with the Soviets against the Empire of the Rising Sun of sinking a Floating Fortress, which is of course, a fortress that floats. Think of it as Red Alert’s answer to One Piece’s Thriller Bark or Metal Gear Solid 2’s Arsenal Gear.
FloatingFortress RA3 Cine1 by PLCTheCd

Wiz: This truce however brought the ire of President Ackerman who believed the Soviets cannot be trusted even going as far as rebelling against the Allies to attack Moscow using Mt. Rushmore as a Superweapon. A very ingenious idea that man had, but the Allies, including Tanya were forced to kill the President.
Mtrushmhrheads by PLCTheCd

Boomstick: Bbbbut then, it turns out that Cave Johnson was actually correct, as the Soviets backstabbed the Allies on the Invasion of Japan, forcing the Allies to fight two sides again in a ménage-a-trois of a war. Eventually, the Allies succeeded and the Allied Commander both got a ménage-a-trois himself…or herself with both Tanya and Eva the communications officer!

Feats and Physicality:
  • Can swim tirelessly in any open body of water
  • Expert Markswoman
  • Fast shooter
  • Rescued the Allied VIPS in France
  • Formed a truce (Albeit grudgingly) with the Soviets against the Empire of the Rising Sun
  • Manage to fight both the Empire and the Soviets when the latter betrayed the Allies
  • Lead the Allies to victory
  • Can kill someone in 15 different ways according to President Ackerman

Wiz: Agent Tanya is both seductive and violent, however she isn’t without any flaws.

Boomstick: You know that kick-ass Time Belt she carries? Well, the funny thing is, that it turns out the said belt as a recharge time so she can’t always use it whenever she needs it. Her pistols also have shorter range that most infantry, leading her stick out in the sore thumb against longer ranged enemies.

Wiz: Furthermore, she is the slowest of the commandos, and can be overwhelmed by anti-infantry, base defenses, and air strikes. Most of her accomplishments are only down by the brilliant commander’s orders.

Boomstick: Also, she’s not exactly well defended since she only wears an Armored Bra for protection. That can’t be comfortable…or practical in that matter…

  • Aside from an armored bra, she is unarmored
  • Of the factions’ commandos, she is also the slowest
  • Can be overwhelmed by mass numbers, anti-infantry, and air strikes (May not be applicable for this fight)
  • Guns are short range
  • Used to taking commands and not by herself (I.E the player)
  • Time Belt has a slow cooldown time, leaving her vulnerable

Wiz: Despite all of this, Agent Tanya has supported the Allies into winning the war, and accomplished many missions that would often take an army by herself.

Boomstick: Agent Tanya is one hot commando of the Allies, that can blow you away both literally and figuratively!

(Tanya: Somebody’s always gotta clean up the mess!)
Tanya of Red Alert enters Death Battle!
Sorry for the slow reply everyone, I was doing research AKA, been playing Red Alert 3 to get a good gist of Tanya.

I decided to kill two birds with one stone by releasing both battles at the same time.

in the mean time, Revy from Black Lagoon will be coming soon.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 (c) belongs to EA Games
Waking Up

Twilight woke up in cold sweat, she felt like her head is spinning as she struggles to get up on her bed. She felt groggy, as if she’s been asleep for a whole year. Then, she remembered her dream.

“Could they’ve simply abandon me so easily?” She pondered, the young mare turned to her left and stared at her dress Rarity had made. It was meant to be worn with her at the wedding as the maid of honor, emphasis on was.

She remembered how Rarity went back, trying to gather the dresses even though the invasion took place. Did her friend actually cared more about the clothes than the lives of nearly everypony?

In a tearful rage, Twilight levitated her dress and with some effort, ripped the fabric in half before collapsing again in tears.

Then, not wanting anyone to enter her room, she casted a barrier outside of her door before resuming to wallow in her misery. It only lasted for about a minute when she heard a voice outside of her door.

“Twilight, baby?” Her mother’s voice called through the barrier. “Please, lower the barrier and open the door!”

“It’s us sweetie,” Her father added, “We just came to check on you!”

“I’m fine, just leave me alone.” Twilight yelled, “I just want some alone time.”

“It doesn’t sound like you’re fine,” Twilight Velvet countered, “We just want to check on you after the Changeling attack.”

“What about the others?” Night Light asked, “Did anyone else checked on you?”

At first, Twilight didn’t say anything, before she answered through a choking sob.


“What do you mean, ‘no?’” Night Light asked, rightfully confused. “What on earth are you talking about? What did you mean, they didn’t check on you?”

“I guess you didn’t asked Princess Celestia or Shining Armor then.” Twilight muttered.

“No, we haven’t,” Her mother replied, “We arrived at the palace and immediately looked for you.”

Twilight Sparkle leaned her back against the magical barrier that was blocking the door, before sitting on the floor. She begins pondering if she should explain or not, after a few good seconds, she decide to go with the former.

“I will explain what happened as long as I can keep the door closed,”
“That’s fine Twilight honey,” her mother said, “We just want to know what happened,”

The unicorn, took a deep breath and begins:

“It all started out when my friends and I arrived in Canterlot, at first I was mad that Shining Armor announced the wedding under such short notice until I found out his bride is my old baby sitter, Princess Cadence or rather the Changeling Queen disguised as her. I was then overjoyed seeing her again, but she acted like a completely new pony. Princess Cadence didn’t remember our old hoofshake and acted rude towards my friends. I confronted my friends about it, but they’ve shrugged it off. Then, I saw her casting a strange spell on my brother, I galloped to the reception and called the fake Princess Cadence evil. Suffice to say, Shining Armor defended her saying it was all just the stress and kicked me out of the wedding and my friends and Princess Celestia left me.”

Neither one of the parents said anything at first, she imagines their eyes widening and their jaws dropping as both of them seemed shocked from Twilight’s story. Her father was the first to find his voice back.

“They simply left you?” Night Light said completely shocked, “No one ever checked on you?”

“Judging by the way they left me, no,” She replied, “I was left alone, suffer for my dumb mistake, and that’s when the fake Cadence arrived. I tried apologizing to her, and sent me to the caverns while taunting me that no one will look for me.”

She then heard her mother gasping.

“What on earth were they doing then?” Twilight Velvet demanded, “Friends and family fight all the time, but no one bothered to check on you?”

Despite neither of her parents seeing it, Twilight shrugged out of instinct, and replied:

“They were probably too busy with the wedding I guess, if I haven’t found the real Cadence, I wouldn’t be here.”

She then heard her mother gasping and her father snorting in anger.

“Well that settles it!” Night Light exclaimed, “I will give the others pieces of our minds! Shining Armor maybe a grown stallion, but he’s still getting disciplined like a colt!”

“Wait, there’s one more thing I should tell both of you!”

“What is it?”

“During the invasion, when we were captured by the Changelings, the Queen gloated that if only they’ve listened to me, this wouldn’t happened. Applejack apologized to me, but it was too little, too late and yelled at them that Equestria is doomed thanks to all of them. If it wasn’t for the real Cadence waking up Shining Armor and casted their spell, sending the Changelings flying to Creator knows where. Afterwards, I told everypony that I wanted to sever ties with everyone. Everyone tried to apologize and take it back, but I said that it was too late and that each and every one of them is selfish that only wanted to use me. Then, Shining Armor went after me then I called him a ‘Gelding!’”

Twilight Velvet turned to Night Light and whispered to him.

“Honey, I thought you agreed not to swear around Twilight!”

“Well, what am I supposed to say whenever I stubbed my hoof or see the bill?!”

“Then how did Twilight learned that language?”

The two then heard their daughter calling out on them:

“But what if I was wrong? That the Changeling Queen never existed and it really was Cadence into stress? You must be so disappointed in me right now, both of you.”

“Calm down dear,” Twilight Velvet said her daughter, “We’re not disappointed at you.”

“Even after what I did?”

“Well, we’re still on your side either way,” Night Light said, “We may not agree on what you did, nor do we agree with the others, still you suffered enough, and we’re here for you.”

“We’re going to talk to them but before we, can you at least give us proof that you’re okay?” Her mother asked.

She looked around and saw the dress she ripped before, the young unicorn picked the pieces up with her teeth, and opened her door to see her parents’ faces for the first time since their visit.

Both her mother and father saw the bloodshot eyes on their daughter. Twilight Velvet gasped and put a hoof on her muzzle before her own eyes starting to shed tears. She shushed and hugged her to calm her daughter down.

“Twilight, we’re here for you.”

“Get some rest, Twilight,” Her father said patting her on the shoulder. “This will be over in a minute.”

Twilight watched them depart before going back to bed. As she closed her eyes again, the voice beckoned her again.
Can you really trust them?

“They’re my own parents after all, of course I can trust them.”

Just like how you trusted your friends, the princess, and your brother?

“It’s different this time, they told me they’re with me.”

Even Spike?

Twilight was quiet for a moment then said, “Spike didn’t have a choice,”

He always had a choice, just like the rest of them. Even if your parents sided with you, what makes you so sure that they’ll respect your wish of never wanting to see them again?

“I, never thought about that,” Twilight hesitantly replied to herself, “I did said to them that I want end everything here and there.”

Your parents may still love you, but will they still defend you even if you were wrong?

“My parents said they’ll take care of it, and so what if they want me to reconcile to all of those I was called friends, mentor, and brother?”

Run away…


“Speak of the devil,” Rainbow Dash called out after peeking out her window, “There she is.”

“What should we do then?” Fluttershy asked, “We don’t want the same thing to happen like last time.”

“I’ll do the talking first,” Princess Cadence said to them, “Then her parents can speak to her,”

“What about the rest of us?” Spike asked popping out in the middle, “I should be with her!”

Princess Cadence stopped to think for a moment, then sighed and turned towards him.

“You can follow with us then,” The pink Alicorn replied much to the baby dragon’s joy. “I believe Twilight can forgive you.”

“What makes it for the rest of us?” Her groom asked dejectedly. “I should be with her too, begging.”

“And what, get called a ‘gelding’ again?” Princess Cadence bitterly joked, as Shining Armor cringed. “This goes for the rest of you as well, Auntie.”

“But we can’t simply stand there, my dear niece,” Princess Celestia said, “I only want to make things right, not just Twilight but for Equestria as well.”

“We shouldn’t rush at her all at once then, your highness,” Rarity suggested, “Perhaps Princess Cadence is onto something, and knows a more about it than the rest of us.”

Princess Celestia turned to her niece and said to her, “We will follow your lead, Cadence.”

As both Princess Cadence and Twilight’s parents went outside, Princess Celestia turned to speak with the others.

“We must choose out words carefully, lest we suffer the same response.”

Outside, Twilight saw Princess Cadence, her parents, and Spike, all coming out of the door of Shining Armor’s room and heading towards her.

“Twilight, why are you here outside?” Princess Cadence called out, “Shouldn’t you be at your room?”

“I’m fine, Princess Cadence,” Twilight replied starring at her front hooves, “I just want to be alone in Ponyville.”

After hearing Twilight Sparkle’s response, the group’s eyes widened and said nothing. No one expected to hear Twilight to leave so soon, especially to what happened to her. Everyone was silent until her mother manage to say.

“P-ponyville?” Twilight Velvet stammered, “F-for how long and what about the wedding?”

“I just want some alone time, at my home,” She replied, gesturing to her saddlebags, “I’m already packed up and besides, I don’t feel like being around Canterlor any longer.”

Spike stepped forward, getting the purple unicorn’s attention.

“What about me Twilight? Am I no longer welcome with you?” Spike asked, “I realized that I should’ve stayed with you but will you yell at me like the others?”

She simply stared at the baby dragon before sighing and sadly smiling.

“No, you’re fine with me Spike,” The mare replied, hugging him, “I just want some alone time and left your stuff at our room. You understand right?”

The baby dragon nodded sadly, “I don’t blame you at all, Twilight, but are you sure you will be fine alone?”

“I was stuck at the caverns for a bit,” She bitterly joked, “But I hope so too,”

Both Twilight Velvet and Night Light looked at each other as if they were communicating each other telepathically, then Night Light sighed and spoke to her daughter.

“We shall respect your decision then,” Her father said, “We will be taking care of Spike on your behalf while you’re away.”

“Thank you mom and dad,” Twilight Sparkle hugged her parents again, “I’m really glad that I’m on your side.”

“What are you talking about?” Twilight Velvet laughed, “We should be glad that you’re on our side instead!”

“We won’t stop you Twilight, but I’m not sure what the others think.” Princess Cadence said, “I’m going to miss you as my maid of honor.”

“I’m sure you will manage like when you were the Changeling Queen’s hostage,” She said, nuzzling her foal sitter. “I must be going now to the train station.”


The young mare turned around and sees her brother and her friends, Twilight begins to glare again.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in.” Twilight muttered to them, “If I didn’t accept your apology before, what makes you think I will accept yours now?”

“Twilight, we just want to tell you that none of us wanted this to happen!” Applejack pleaded, “We’ve done goofed, we get it, but would you really be sore at us for the rest of yer life?”

“Then what did you wanted?” Twilight bitterly asked, “And as for me being sore at you for the rest of my life, we should wait and see…”

“All we wanted to have is a super-duper great time is all.” Pinkie Pie added, “Not being all sad and mopey like we are right now.”

“Well you can all have a great time without me…”

Before anypony can protest or say anything, Twilight galloped away before teleporting in front of their eyes.
Bitterness chapter 4
Holy crap, can this be true? Has Bitterness finally updated? Yep! Will it take another year to update? MAybe...
So far, I've angered Undyne and entered Hotlands.


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