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What should be USA's new national anthem? 

11 deviants said "America, Fuck Yeah" from Team America: World Police…
4 deviants said "God Bless The USA" By Lee Greenwood…
4 deviants said "Living In America" By James Brown…
1 deviant said "Born In The USA" By Bruce Springsteen…
1 deviant said Other (Please provide link)


*Fish and other sea animals of all shapes and sizes are gathered for the final Presedential debate of Bikini Bottom, which is drawing to a close*

Dory (Debate Moderator)
Now for the final question of the debate...
What was the question? Something something fishbait?

*Everyone starts to murmur in the crowd as the two candidates wait in anticipation*

Patrick (In the crowd)
Booooo! They should rap it out!

Squidward (In the crowd)
Patrick, what are you going on about?
That's the stupidest thing I've ever-

That's the greatest thing I've ever heard!
I'm a huge supporter of the spoken word!
Candidates, rap battle time!
Go ahead, spit some rhymes!



*Krabs opens his mouth but Ursula quickly interrupts*



Ursula (Verse One)
Krabs, shut that poor unfortunate hole and stay quiet
You'd start a whole riot if there's someone to buy it!
As I've said in the past, I was once very rotten
Not as much as your patties; trust me, I've bought one!
You sell your cheap food to fatten Bikini Bottom
And to fatten your wallet you lust over like Gollum!
To choose between us, I know it seems a big problem
But Krabs will only divide us! Issues? I solve 'em!

Krabs (Verse One)
Argargarg! I'll divide us? Now that's rich
Ariel can tell ya about trustin' a sea witch!
I'mma businessman with big plans, understand?
Yer biggest plan was puttin' mermaids on land!
I have a formula for winnin' and it's no secret
Ya have a penchant for sinnin' and it's frequent!
Robbin' merpeople blind just to control the sea?
Then I'll stick ya inna jail cell like Monopoly!

Ursula (Verse Two)
Don't let this Krusty Krab fool you, listen to me
He sells patties full price yet says they're for free!
He runs a house of slaves he barely pays for work
Go talk to Squidward, even he says you're a jerk!

Krabs (Verse Two)
Fair pay fer fair work, my employees can tell ya
But I bet Ursula has a magic potion ta sell ya!
I'm the voice of the people, ya had ta steal yers
Vote for me and the little mermaid gets back what's hers!

Ursula (Verse Three)
This buttered up crab is all promises and all blab
When his employees protest, he'll just hire some scabs!

Krabs (Verse Three)
Ya toppled Triton fer power, ya know ya can't hide it
Yer campaign stinks, better go grab ya some Trident!

Ursula (Verse Four)
If Plankton got your half of the formula, you'd own the Chum Bucket!

Krabs (Verse Four)
Hey, I run a tight ship, I know that's more than ya can stomach!

Ursula (Verse Five)
Money-grubbing miser! The people know I'm wiser!

Krabs (Verse Five)
Eel-loving witch! The people trust me cuz I'm rich!

Ursula: Buffoon!
Krabs: Witch!
Krabs: Sea witch!
Ursula: Dummy!
Krabs: Dumb sea witch!

And that about wraps up this debate!
Who did you love? Who did you hate?
You vote!
You decide!
Cartoon RAp Battles: Mr. Krabs Vs Ursula
The same friend from GAmeFAQS wrote a rap about a certain election we had a while back. Only this time who will win this underwater debate? Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants or Ursula from The Little Mermaid?

SpongeBob Squarepants belongs to Nickelodeon

The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo belongs to Disney

*A huge cabal of cartoon monsters from various shows is gathered in a large hall with a stage at the end flanked by giant lit-up pumpkins and chained up skeletons*

A Voice From Nowhere
Ladies and monsters, welcome to the show
Please quiet down, and watch our rappers have a go!

*The monsters continue to roar and bellow, when suddenly Him appears in a puff of fire on stage*

Him (Yelling)
I said quiet down, you ingrates!

*The monsters suddenly fall silent*

Ah, the sound of silence is so great
Now let's see who wins this battle of fate!

Katz (Courage the Cowardly Dog)


Grim (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

*Katz and Grim walk from opposite sides of the stage, mics in hand*

I'm so happy to present some Halloween fun!
You know the rules: that there are none!
Rip each other to shreds until you've won!


*Him disappears in a shroud of flames and Katz step forward as the fire dies down and a Horrorcore beat starts up*

Katz (Verse One)
Charmed to meet you Grim, or is it Mr. Reaper?
I always see you with kids, so it must be Grim Creeper.
You're a half-rate star from a split down feature
Grim and Evil? Please, I'm either and you're neither.
Two empty sockets but I hope you open your eyes
To see you're less scary than Death from Family Guy.

Grim (Verse One)
Katz mon, I hear dis sort of bluster all of da time
Men begging and purrs of mercy from wretched felines!
We've met before, I'll remind ya since you're unhinged:
Ya shook my bony hand afta your Ball of Revenge!
On da other hand, I'm Grim, slim and full of brimstone
Ya can't beat an old couple's dog while I'm bad to da bone!

Katz (Verse Two)
Speaking of bones, dear boy, I know which one to pick
I'll toss your pelvis to Saliva so he can chew on your prick.
You're a hero at heart, let a real villain have a turn
You barely use your scythe, give it back to Jack O'Lantern.
I have a myriad of disguises, you have a dirty gown
With you and Billy as friends, it's no wonder Mandy frowns.

Grim (Verse Two)
Tryin' ta talk about friends, mon? Ya don't wanna do dat
Ya stay hangin' around spiders cuz ya can't get any kat!

Katz (Verse Three)
You'll wish you hadn't done that pitiful comeback
Stick you in a sack then string you like taffy on a rack.

Grim (Verse Three)
Taffy won't gimme a scare, stick ta your Tea-N-Tea
And let da Reaper know what it's like Unda Da Sea!

Katz (Verse Four)
Chuckle now but a bit of sport will end this struggle
Perhaps a game of limbo in honor of Mr. Snuggles?

Grim (Verse Four)
I have two blasted kids, one pooch makes you sweat
It doesn't take Courage ta see ya aren't a threat!

Katz (Verse Five)
It's a pity but when I die, I'll keep my composure
I'll only have to deal with this Daddy Daycare poser.

Grim (Verse Five)
Dis trash is leavin' my poor bones achin'
Time you learned about dis necrotic Jamaican!
What ya see on TV ain't all dere is ta me
Da Reaper's scythe swings indiscriminately!
I'll bring and Billy and Mandy to watch da beheadin'
And dere ain't "No Dogs Allowed Signs" where you'll be headin'!

Who won?
Who's next?
I decide!
Cartoon Rap Battles of History: Katz vs Grim
A late Halloween rap written by my friend in GameFAQS, Cartoon Network's finest: KAtz from Courage the Cowardly Dog facing off Grim from the Grim Adventures of Billy and MAndy

Both shows belong to their rightful owners.

Judge Doom (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)


Judge Claude Frollo! (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

*Judge Doom enters Frollo's chambers to find him praying in front of his fireplace*

Judge Doom (Verse 1)
I see I've finally sniffed out a horny rat in a habit
Who plays patty cake with hunchbacks like Jessica Rabbit.
It pleases me greatly that I've found you praying before battle
As once I carve you up, you'll resemble a baby being swaddled.
Of course, you'd be familiar with an infant wrapped up tight
considering you wished Quasimodo's mother a permanent good night.
Don't misjudge me, Frollo, I'm not against a bit of treachery
But you grew sloppy and wrathful in the throes of your lechery.
"Burn the gypsies!" you commanded while you lusted after one
When I burn toons I mean it, and you'll join them after I'm done.

*Judge Frollo finally turns away from his fireplace to face Judge Doom as music picks up in the background*

Judge Frollo (Verse 1)
Beata Maria
You know I am a righteous man
This pretender has no virtues of which to be proud!
Beata Maria
There is nothing purer than
Watching Doom wallow, melt, and die as he howled!
Run and tell your weasels
To stop laughing like some gypsy clowns
Before their bodies turn cold and lose their souls!
I see it, I smell it
The Dip caught in your raven gowns
Is blazing in your flesh out of all control!
Like fire, Hellfire
Now Judge Doom it's your turn!
Your freeway's
And now twice you shall burn!

*The Judges draw and lock swords for a moment, but Frollo grabs Doom's arm and tosses him into the fireplace*

Judge Frollo: Hmph. And I didn't even have to burn down all of Paris to finish this one.

*Judge Frollo turns and begins to walk away, but whirls around at the sound of a shrill voice*

Judge Doom: Remember me, Frollo?! I don't believe our little battle of wits is actually done!

*Judge Doom strides out of the fireplace as his false eyes fall out of his head and his real cartoonish eyes turn into daggers*

Judge Doom (Verse 2)
Five thousand gallons of Dip will rip through your cotton
As a just reward for trying to cack off Baron von Rotten!
My Toon Patrol followed my every bark, order, and command
You couldn't get your own Captain to lend his frilly hand!
I'm a nut, it's true, but I was born a murderous psycho toon
You have no excuses, you betrayed God to be a gypsy's groom!
I'll drop a safe on your head and laugh right beside my goons
And we'll croak together cackling at your failed quest for poon!
Envision a freeway right through Paris, better make some room
For my Dip Machine will send you to your precious Hellfire pretty soon!

*Judge Doom removes his glove and a buzzsaw appears as Frollo points his sword at him*

Judge Frollo (Verse 2)
Back you abomination, I'm under God's protection
I do not fear a crook who rigged the Toontown election!
I've tasted the fires of Hell, I've repented for all my sins
You have not atoned for allowing a drunk to best you and your men!
A woman shot you and you went fleeing into the night
But now you are against a crusader seasoned for a fight!
My sword will match your sawblade contraption blow for blow
And I shall watch your body fade with elation into the snow!
Your death will be as the hunchback's mother's, pitiful to behold
And Cloverleaf will then be under my management, bought and sold!

*The Judges leap into a real battle as their battle of words comes to an end*



Cartoon Rap Battles: Judge Doom Vs Judge Frollo
Another rap written by my friend in GameFAQS. Between two evil judges of the Disney animated world, Judge Doom from ROger Rabbit facing off Judge Frollo from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Both belong to Disney
Because I posted several of them about cartoon characters rapping one another about two years ago, but post-college life has taken its toll on me.

But now, someone in GameFaqs had written some that I'd like and he has given permission to post his here. I also written some new raps recently and posting them first.

So prepare for a rap spam!


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What should be USA's new national anthem? 

11 deviants said "America, Fuck Yeah" from Team America: World Police…
4 deviants said "God Bless The USA" By Lee Greenwood…
4 deviants said "Living In America" By James Brown…
1 deviant said "Born In The USA" By Bruce Springsteen…
1 deviant said Other (Please provide link)


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