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Greeting reader, for you are the lucky winner of finding this book that me and my friends put together. By the time you are reading this, my teammates and I will be long gone. I suppose you’ve read the newspaper articles in the beginning of the book, well, I’m going to tell you our side of our story with us as witnesses. Because, even if you don’t really watch the news much, even you gotta realize that’s it’s everywhere by now. The radio with that fat guy spouting BS, every news reporter and anchor on TV, and especially online. With the anonymity and the trolls talking crap to one another. Why do you think we’re putting this on this book instead?

If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, if you’re going to tell us your side of the story, why not coming out in public to do so?”

It’s not like we don’t want to, but with the government thinking we’re either dead or missing, it’s better to keep that way. Not to mention the loved ones of the victims of the crossfire wanting our heads on a pike, you saw the causalities and the destruction that came along with it. Then, you’ll realize why it’s not considered safe for us.

After you are done reading this, we will be long gone by now. Either hiding with new identities or dead even. Who knows? Maybe there will be more books left behind by us, and if we do, all that’s left is for you to find the rest of it.
Here's is something that I wrote originally for once!

GASP! Something that is not a fan fiction or a lyrics? It's an idea that I came up with a while back, and I decided to test it out here to see how well this turns out. If more readers are interested, then I shall post some more later on in the future.
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