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And no nutritonal value at least...

These were the ingredients of making the perfect junk food, but Frycook Axel accidently added on ingredient to the concoction...CHEMICAL X!


Thus the Powerplump girls are born, as Blimp, Bloated, and Butterball dedicated their obese lives against the forces of healthy food!

(They flew as in the original but only few inches above the ground, then the screen pans showing fat and healthy food versions of the villians)

(The PPG and the villians tried to charge at each other like from the show, but slowed down only catching their breath. They all eventually collapsed from exahaustion)

PowerPLUMP Girls in EZ as Pie

The city of Snacksville where our plump heroines begin with breakfast...

"Hey Blimp, quit hogging the maple syrup!" Butterball barked as the three girls sat in the breakfast table. The table was so small, the girls' stomaches are stuck into it. and their chairs eventually collasped.

"Well, pass me the french toast!" Blimp replied as she crammed pounds of pancakes in her mouth.

"At least Frycook has left us PLENTY to eat while's he's at the frycook convention," Bloated said as she gobbled some bacon and eggs. "I heard he's competing with some sponge."

Half hour later...


The three girls let out an enormous belch as it echoed the entire city...the shockwave was so loud it almost caused an Earthquake big as the San Fransisco earthquake in 1906.

"Man, that'll keep me full for five minutes." Butterball said. "Come to think of it, I think I'm getting fatter than you guys."

"But Bloated eats the quickest," Blimp informed to her. "And it looks like she's bigger than you."

"No way, that's a load of tofu." She snorted. (Tofu is equivlant to crap in Snacksville and being fat is a sense of being good)

"Well Butterball, how about a match who can eat the most?" She asked. "I gotta keep my fat to gain my cuteness!"

Suddenly, the alarm phone came off as Blimp waddled through the floor and picked up the phone.

"Yes mayor?" She asked.

"PowerPLUMP girls, your massive belches just caused an earthquake that blocked the roadside, and the truckload of pies for the pie eating contest are heading towards it! Hurray girls, my banana cream is in danger!"

"Gotcha mayor, we're on our way!" She hung up the phone but accidently crushes it.

"Bloated, Butterball, our pies are in danger and they need our help!" She said as she commanded. "My apple pie is at stake."

"Mmmm, steak and pie..." Bloated drooled, "I hope I get cherry."

"Not that type of steak! "Butterball snapped. "But I do want some T-Bone and Pecan..."

"Well Girls, let's fly!"

They try to fly but only a few inches above the ground, the door was demolished as they went through...

"I' out of breath..." Bloated panted.

"Me...too..." Butterball agreed, taking gasps between breaths.

"Let'" Blimp commanded and they all collasped to the ground. Only showing that they only left few feet away from their house.

"On second thought, I think it's better if we used our scooters..."

"I agree..."

"Me too."

So the three very fat girls went on their Rascal scooters and zoomed away the town...

Few hours later...

"Here we are girls, and I'm afraid it's a mess..." Blimp said. By the time they've reached their destination, the truck fell to the ditch, and pies were spilling out.

"Well, let's now that go to waste." Butterball said as she grabbed a pie and eats it.

"I agree, after that let's see who's the fattest!" Bloated grab chunks full of pies and starts gobbling down.

"Eat girls!" Blimp said in a mouthful of blueberry, "I wish we had ice cream to go along with it, so we can have an ala mode."

Suddenly an ice cream truck crashes next to them, the girls cheered as they devoured pies with ice cream.

One hour later...

"We're through!" cheered in happiness as they jumped up and down. Their jumps caused more Earthquakes along the city.

"Girls, we award you as a three way tye of pie eating champions!"  The mayor gave them medals but their necks were to big to fit...

"So, I guess all of us are equally fat huh?" Bloated said as they waved to the crowds.

"Yeah, I guess..." Butterball shrugged. "But I'm still fatter than you..."

"I need a chocolate shake..." Blimp moaned as she shook her head as they began to argue...

So the day is eaten, thanks to the PowerPLUMP Girls!

The End

To Mike-Sorry if it didn't came as you thought, still I hope you and your friends enjoyed it!
This is a request for and his parody of the PPG! The story will be silly and he asked me to do a story of them! As they try to stop a truckload of pies from danger.

So here ya go Mike, and if you are reading this...let me know if I can get a request from you in the future!

PowerPLUMP girls belong to

PPG belongs to (c) Cartoon Network
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Nevermind. That story pwns. XD
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The "my pie is at stake!" thing was funny. Especially the steak and pie part.
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It was short and funny!
I like it, thanks very much
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